Tricks to Successfully Solve Any Escape Room Game

Tricks To Successfully Solve Any Escape Room Game

Escape room games are now a global craze, taking over the world by storm with Australia being the latest entrant to the party. Interestingly, this game is managing to attract people from all walks of life, each looking to enjoy this mind-boggling experience.

If you are going to escape rooms, you should start by forming your strategy so that each escape is executed with little difficulty. Skills like being observant, communicating and reading the area well can fall by the roadside when tension grows. And so, as a beginner trying to conquer this mystery-filled world, you might not make it alone.

To maximise your experience, learn a tip or two before you embark on it!

Form a Team
Each escape room has an approximate capacity of 10 pax and this means you will have to form a team, either with your friends, family, co-workers or even strangers! Remember the primary goal of this game isn’t just to escape, but also to have fun with each member. You will get to better understand your team members through this experience!

Explore! Explore! Explore!
The first thing to do once your group is full is to search for as many clues as possible. Look behind, inside or under everything – open items if they never said don’t open them. Act like a tornado and quickly unearth everything in the room. For first-timers, anything not mentioned is worth touching!

Take Good Care of Those Clues
Game items and clues are figuratively the keys to your win and so manage them well. First, designate a place where you will be storing your loot so that you avoid confusion and wasting time. Dividing it into two positions to accommodate what you may have used and what’s yet to be used is recommended.

Apart from taking care of the clues, another vital trick needed to beat escape rooms is communication. Whenever you have a problem, don’t shy away from seeking assistance. Again, whenever you have or find a clue, do say it.

Communication helps coordinate your actions and enhances teamwork, which in turn makes everything easier. Insist on cooperation so that everyone does something they are skilled at. More importantly, don’t ignore seeking advice from the game master since it is him or her whose hits can get you out when you are stuck.

Solve Puzzles Effectively
Guesses are useful only when they are harmless, and you should be willing to divide yourselves to conquer each problem. You may skip smaller puzzles and larger ones in larger rooms, but be very careful about it. Common ways of solving puzzles involve examining everything and everywhere, combining items that appear related and recalling puzzles that haven’t been solved so that you can gauge how far you might have progressed. Remember, it is better to have an individual working on a simpler puzzle and five others tackling a bigger one than all doing a simple one before embarking on the largest mystery.

  • Organise items neatly
  • Listen to everyone
  • Ask for hints
  • Know what to ignore
  • Skip the last digit or letter
  • Don’t use excessive force
  • Be innovating and think outside the box
  • Bring a wristwatch

Don’t hurry – don’t look at the clock because you will start to panic. Just stay calm and keep going. Remember, it is only a game and success and failure go hand in hand with it.