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3 Tips To A More Successful Corporate Team Building Activity

Fun & Engagement is KEY.

FACT: People are likely to remember good memories

Finding suitable team building activities in Singapore to suit an array of different individuals can be a headache. Especially if you have been tasked with your company’s upcoming cohesion. Searching for something that is unique, and yet engaging is an uphill task – that was, before you searched for escape room Singapore and found us 🙂

Like any team building activity, the very fundamentals that goes into a successful team building activity remains essentially the same. In this page, we will be sharing 3 essential tips from LOST Singapore to an even more successful team building activities for now and in future!

Escape rooms are some of the best corporate team building activities in Singapore because they are all about working together, solving problems collaboratively, and coming up with out-of-the-box solutions based on everybody’s input in unlocking quests. It is an opportunity for people to bond over something fun, challenging, and unique—and it is one of the easiest methods of getting people excited about coming back together again! They are very immersive—you can feel like you’re in the room with your friends and coworkers. And because of this, you experience things you wouldn’t otherwise see or hear about if you were simply hanging out at a bar or restaurant.

An escape room gives you unforgettable memories: the excitement in someone’s voice as they try to solve clues, the anticipation of getting to the next quest, and the shout of victory after figuring out how to open the door!

The most outstanding part about escape rooms is that they are challenging but not impossible, so even if a member or two of your group aren’t as good at puzzles or aren’t as competitive, everyone can still work together and succeed.

When was the last time your team laughed over a topic that went on for ages?

It must have felt good laughing along, because the more we laughed along, the more engaged we feel.

As social creatures by nature, humans constantly find the need to belong. And when a sense of deep belonging is present in an organization, we feel more connected, we work better, and we become more cohesive and productive. By encouraging cohesion, everyone will be able to work in a highly positive environment.

Here we present 3 key points that will make employees remember the corporate team bonding activity, and enjoy it much more than a seminar:

  • Mentally-stimulating team building activities. There will be a need to stimulate those creative brain juices (think out of the box) to successfully complete the challenge, this will encourage discussion and interaction among team mates. Escape rooms are gaining popularity as one of the top choices for corporate team building activities in Singapore.
  • Something that require no exceptional abilities. There are no high physical activity required; our games do not require running, jumping, climbing and reaching for items out of reach. At times, the weather can take a turn for the worst. For this reason, going indoors ensure that your corporate event remains unaffected in our tropical climate.
  • Make it during working hours. A top complaint about corporate team building exercises is that they have no bearing on how people spend their time out of work. Make it during working hours for more engagement and participation. When individuals have more fun, they are more likely to remember the experience making it a worthwhile activity!

How Our Corporate Team Building Activity Can Help Benefit Your Team

Promotes sense of community

An increased sense of belonging in a group in turn form powerful bonds. This encourages effective communication and creates a more cohesive environment.

Increased Productivity

With increased positive social interactions, relationships between colleagues improve. This results in higher productivity in individuals and groups.

More ideas generated

Due to better relationships, there will be improved communication and listening within a group. Colleagues will be more willing to welcome a range of diverse opinions.

More opportunities

With improved relationships between colleagues, work will be more enjoyable. There will be lesser time spent on negative relationships and more focus can be channeled to opportunities.

There are no special skills or specific level of physical activity required. The nature of LOST’s games rely heavily on teamwork and have similar challenges that occur in workplaces. (Check out our themed escape rooms!)

Our games encourage and promote cohesion and gives individuals a sense of belonging within a team, resulting in a more productive group.


With so many things going on in the room, it can be hard to get ideas heard. As inner creativity is unleashed in the process of the game, it’s important to listen to one another as one may hold the key to the successful escape.


With so many things going on in the room, it can be hard to get ideas heard. As inner creativity is unleashed in the process of the game, it’s important to listen to one another as one may hold the key to the successful escape.

Positive thinking

As the clock ticks, groups may find themselves under stress. It helps to think on the bright side and get everyone together!

Team work

Teams often comprise of different peoples that value-add differently to a group. Take advantage of different experiences, point of views, knowledge and opinions to advance out of the rooms together!

Corporates/teams that have previously team-built at LOST SG

To date, LOST SG has hosted numerous corporate team building activities for corporations in Singapore. With clients from the government sector to multinational corporations, we are the preferred team bonding provider in Singapore offering a unique experience that caters to wide range of individuals. Read on to find out more about how having your corporate event at LOST Singapore can benefit you and your team.

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