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Lost SG Escape Room In Singapore

Our Escape Games - Team Building Activities

Are you looking for some mind-bending, immersive team bonding experience that is totally out of the norm? Suitable for friends, families and colleagues, LOST SG Escape Room Singapore is the place to go! We have a total of 5 themed escape games and each of the rooms will allow teams to role play and immerse themselves into the plot.

Choose any of our escape games and begin your escape mission today!

Alcatraz 2.0

The Final Gamble

Sentenced to life in the impregnable walls of Alcatraz, the infamous Raven Claw gang faced an unyielding future of confinement after a notorious crime spree. Just as despair began to take hold, a glimmer of hope emerged through cryptic clues mysteriously etched into the prison walls. These elusive messages hinted at a possible escape, challenging the gang to defy the odds once more.

In “Alcatraz 2.0: The Final Gamble,” the Raven Claw gang must pool their cunning and courage to decipher these secretive hints and craft a daring escape plan. Stealth and strategic acumen become their closest allies as they navigate the treacherous corridors and surveillance of the vigilant guards. Each decoded clue and unlocked secret pushes them closer to freedom, but any misstep could lead to catastrophic consequences, solidifying their fate behind bars.

Collaborate to uncover hidden tools, solve intricate puzzles, and exploit the prison’s vulnerabilities. As freedom beckons with each move closer to escape, a crucial decision hangs in the balance: will this audacious breakout lead to liberation or doom the Raven Claw gang to Alcatraz’s cold, unyielding clutches?

Dive into the high-stakes world of “Alcatraz 2.0: The Final Gamble.” It’s escape or nothing for the Raven Claw gang. Will their final gamble pay off?

This game is currently unrated as we are evaluating feedback received from early participants.

Aokigahara 2.0

Mysteries of the Sea of Trees

Enter the shadowy depths of Aokigahara, the infamous Sea of Trees, where magnetic forces warp compasses and legends whisper of unseen creatures. Located at the ominous base of Mount Fuji, this dense forest has become the site of a dire search following the mysterious disappearance of a young schoolgirl.

You are part of the urgent second wave of search teams dispatched into Aokigahara’s heart. Tasked with finding the lost girl and uncovering the fate of previous search parties, some of whom have not returned, your mission is fraught with uncertainty and danger.

As you delve deeper, the forest reveals its dark history—a place chosen by monks for sacred rituals of life and death and a notorious final refuge for the tormented. With every step, the forest seems to tighten its grip around you, challenging you to distinguish myth from reality.

In “Aokigahara 2.0: Mysteries of the Sea of Trees,” you must navigate through this labyrinthine darkness, where the line between the natural and the supernatural blurs. Will you find the answers hidden beneath the canopy, or will the forest claim you as another of its secrets??

* There are jump-scares in this room.

This game is currently unrated as we await your reviews and feedback. Your insights are crucial in helping us determine the difficulty level for future players. Be among the first to explore this mysterious and immersive escape room. We look forward to your thoughts and how you tackle its challenges.

Castiglione 2.0

A Journey Beyond Canvas

Born into the confined world of a Jesuit order in Milan, an artist with a burning desire for creative freedom seizes a life-changing opportunity. This escape room challenges you to step into the shoes of this restless soul, navigating his secret pursuit of artistic and personal revelation.

In “Castiglione 2.0: A Journey Beyond Canvas,” uncover the hidden layers of his paintings and decode cryptic messages left behind in his quest for fulfillment. Each clue leads you deeper into his narrative, revealing fragments of a life torn between duty and desire.

The true challenge lies in deciphering the clues intertwined within his masterpieces. Each solution brings you closer to understanding his ultimate pursuit and the legacy he hoped to create.

This escape room offers more than just an escape; it’s a journey into the heart of a man who dared to defy convention. Will you unlock the secret of his ultimate masterpiece and discover what drove him to chase his dreams across continents?

Exodus 2.0

The Quest for Freedom

Enslaved and oppressed with forced labor, life as an Israelite in Egypt was tough and difficult. Often beaten up and yelled at, it was not long before the Israelites lost all hope and fell into despair. On a scorching afternoon, a mysterious stranger came to town. An Israelite by birth, he demanded the Pharaoh to release his people from slavery. That moment changed the fate of the Israelites.

It took long before the Pharaoh relented. And on that fateful night, they followed him as the new leader and made their way out of Egypt; hearts filled with hope and joy. Regretting his decision shortly, the Pharaoh made his chariot ready and took an army with him to give chase.

The fight for freedom has been long and hard, can they escape the clutches of the pharaoh?

Mausoleum 2.0

Trapped in the Terracotta Labyrinth

Built to protect the Emperor in his afterlife, the Terracotta Army are clay figures of Emperor Qin’s army in an underground mausoleum.

You together with your group of friends decided to visit the Terracotta Army world heritage site one day. Intrigued by the history of the mausoleum, you wandered deep into the restricted area to feed your curiosity and unfortunately lost your way.

Cut from all forms of communication, everyone panicked and entered the restricted area in an attempt to escape. Everything is unfamiliar and you can’t shake the uneasiness creeping in.

Going deeper, you found a door and led everyone in. Little did anyone expect the door to be shut from the outside. It appears to be a trap door! As everyone panicked about the situation, you notice a reflective liquid filling up the room.

Can you escape before you are drowned by mercury?

Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Lost SG's Unique Escape Room Experiences

Stepping into the vibrant realm of Lost SG, you’re not just entering Singapore’s top-tier escape room – you’re embarking on an unparalleled journey of team unity and discovery. As the heartbeat of team bonding activities Singapore, Lost SG is more than just an escape room. It’s a sanctuary where camaraderie is forged, challenges are embraced, and every escape narrates a tale of seamless teamwork and collective triumph. In this space, each corner turned and puzzle solved highlights the importance of collaboration, quick thinking, and imaginative prowess, essential in team building activities. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where the corporate world meets adventure, transforming routine team-building exercises into thrilling quests.

Escape Reality, Embrace Teamwork

Lost SG is not just an escape room; it’s an invitation to transcend the boundaries of reality and dive into riveting tales. Located at the heart of Singapore, we’re recognized as experts in team bonding activities Singapore, offering an interactive platform that harmoniously combines storytelling with problem-solving. Our escape rooms, each embedded with intricate storylines and perplexing puzzles, are designed to push teams to their limits, compelling them to collaborate, communicate, and strategize efficiently.

As participants navigate through the challenges, they not only strengthen their bond but also hone crucial skills like critical thinking and decision-making. Be it the perilous journey of escaping Alcatraz or unraveling the age-old secrets of Castiglione, every scenario demands unity, foresight, and effective teamwork. When you choose Lost SG, you’re not just opting for an activity but an immersive experience that bridges fantasy with reality, all while emphasizing the power of teamwork.

LOST SG's Captivating Escape Room Adventures

Why Choose Us for Team Building Activities
Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Lost SG offers a tapestry of thrilling narratives woven into its escape room games. Dive deep into the infamous waters surrounding Alcatraz, retracing the escape routes of America’s most notorious inmates. Wander through the eerily serene Aokigahara forest, confronting the paranormal whispers and unsettling mysteries of Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest. Unleash your inner detective in Castiglione, a clandestine journey seeking the lost zodiac head statues amidst the backdrop of the Second Opium War. Relive the biblical tales of freedom in Exodus, where you’re thrust into an ancient world, racing against time to elude the clutches of the pursuing Pharaoh. Lastly, encounter the grandeur of the Mausoleum, an intricate puzzle set in the heart of Emperor Qin’s underground realm, guarded by the stoic Terracotta Army. Every room at Lost SG is more than just a game – it’s an invitation to step into another world, harnessing the combined strengths of teamwork, wit, and creativity. With such a diverse range of games, there’s always a new adventure awaiting at Lost SG, making it the ultimate destination for team bonding activities in Singapore.

Why LOST SG Stands Out in Creative Team Building Activities

In the heart of Singapore, Lost SG stands as a beacon for organizations seeking transformative team-building experiences. Our reputation as the leading team bonding and team building expert in Singapore is rooted in our commitment to delivering not just games but experiences that resonate.

Diverse and Engaging Themes

At Lost SG, we don’t just offer games – we present stories. Our five meticulously designed escape rooms take you on immersive journeys. From the enigmatic corridors of Alcatraz to the dense mysteries of Aokigahara, each theme promises an adventure that engages both the mind and the spirit.

Holistic Skill Development

Beyond mere entertainment, our rooms serve as crucibles for skill enhancement. Participants sharpen their analytical thinking, fine-tune observational prowess, boost logical reasoning, and engage in lateral thinking. It’s a playground for the mind, where challenges metamorphose into learning opportunities.

Tailored Challenges for All

Whether you’re a small startup team or a large corporate group, our rooms are designed to adapt. The flexibility in difficulty levels ensures that both novices and escape room veterans find the challenge they seek, promoting inclusivity and ensuring everyone has an equally thrilling experience.

Prime Location with Stellar Experiences

Our central location in Singapore isn’t just about geographical convenience. It’s symbolic of our central ethos: to be at the heart of team-building efforts in the city. Our state-of-the-art facilities and immersive escape rooms provide an unmatched blend of challenge and fun.

In essence, when you choose Lost SG, you’re opting for an experience that’s more than just a game. It’s a journey of discovery, bonding, and growth, all wrapped up in tales that captivate and challenges that invigorate. Dive into Lost SG – where teams are built, bonds are forged, and memories are created.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer five captivating themes: Alcatraz, Aokigahara, Castiglione, Exodus, and Mausoleum. Each offers a unique experience and set of challenges.
Each escape room can host a maximum of 12 participants, making it ideal for team bonding activities for small to medium-sized groups.
Our escape rooms focus on enhancing various skills like observational skills, analytical & logical reasoning, arithmetic skills, and lateral thinking.

Not at all! Our escape rooms are designed for everyone – from escape room novices to seasoned puzzle solvers.

If you’re searching for creative team bonding or leadership team-building activities in Singapore, Lost SG offers a treasure trove of experiences. From the intense escape challenges to the moments of victory, every second spent at Lost SG strengthens team bonds and creates lasting memories. Experience the magic of the ultimate Corporate Team Building activities.

Dive in, and let’s connect. 

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