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Your group of friends are trapped on a prison island. Or in Japan’s infamous suicide forest where you must pay the price for wandering into the terrifying forest. Alternatively, you may be trapped in a haunted mausoleum where you need to try your best to outwit the Terracotta Army. You need to find a way out. By combining your wits, observation, and life experiences, you will uncover clues that will allow you to exit this wretched place. That is the experience of an escape room game.

Can you escape?

LOST SG is a high-tech, top-rated 60-minute escape room game in Singapore where players put their heads together to make sense of thought-provoking clues, and seemingly abstract puzzles to escape from a locked room. Each little detail could be the essential clue to help you unlock another part of the puzzle, or the ultimate key to your escape.

Featuring the best in escape room technology, your experience with LOST SG will surely fill you with amazement when you hear the ‘click’ of success before the room makes way for your next encounter. LOST SG weaves advanced gameplay into a new generation of immersion and realism.

Our outlet at Peace Centre spans over 2,500 square feet, and features 5 unique escape room games. From our beginner-level Alcatraz to our new creation the Mausoleum, you will be challenged and amazed with up to 11 other friends. In total, our outlet can take up to 56 players at a time. Play with more people for the best possible experience.

LOST SG has been featured in numerous media outlets in Singapore, such as The Straits Times, 938Now, ZaoBao, and HoneyCombers, for our uniquely designed escape room game, with our tagline, “Can you escape?”

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Before entering your chosen escape room, your group of 4 or more will be shown a short video to introduce the scenario and the game. Any belongings you have are to be stowed in the lockers provided, to minimise any hassle after entering the room. As the escape room game lasts for an hour (not counting the pre-game briefing and the instructional video), we highly recommend participants to use the washroom prior to the start of the game to minimise any disruption to the gaming experience.

Inside the rooms, you will encounter various clues and puzzles that need to be solved before you’re allowed to proceed. An escape room may consist of multiple rooms that need to be cleared one-by-one, but the rooms are not necessarily mutually exclusive – a clue from the previous part may be the key to the next one. If you ever need help, our friendly game masters can provide you hints via intercom… but what’s the fun in that?

Come comfortably dressed for maximum enjoyment of the games and get an experience worth the price you paid. Crawling may be required, so it may not be ideal to wear miniskirts or high-heeled footwear. For any other queries, do have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Can You Escape The Room?



Prison Break

Difficulty Level:

Max capacity: 12 pax


The Suicide Forest ​

Difficulty Level:

Max capacity: 12 pax


Treasure Hunting

Difficulty Level:

Max capacity: 12 pax


Crossing the Red Sea

Difficulty Level:

Max capacity: 12 pax


Escape the Mausoleum

Difficulty Level:

Max capacity: 8 pax


Our escape room game can be a fun-filled team-bonding activity that tests collaboration and team-work. LOST SG is a host to over 150 team bonding activities in Singapore and counting. To find out more about how LOST SG can benefit your team/corporation, visit our Team Building Singapore page.

For a fun night out with your friends or family at an affordable price, LOST SG is your preferred escape room establishment. Make your booking today!


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Escape Room

Hear the ticking of the clock, and feel the mounting pressure as you try to escape from the unfamiliar environment. At LOST, there are endless situations that can happen! Be as creative as possible and let loose! Are you up for the challenge?

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Can You Escape
Our games are suitable for both genders of various physical activity levels and are an excellent way of promoting teamwork and cohesion amongst players. Simply keep an open mind and have fun!

*Packages start from 1hr 45mins. Visit our corporate team building page for more information.


Room Escape

Are you a fun-loving, outgoing team player that would like to join the LOST SG family? Send in your resume to us via email at hr[at]lost.sg or drop us a call at 67171688 for more info.

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Escape Room Singapore - LOST SG is Singapore’s top rated Escape Room provider – offering you a complete escape game experience like no other. With our technology-heavy setup, our games are perfect as bonding or ice-breaking activities for friends, families, companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. From our website, you will be able to find our location, pictures, reviews and media features of LOST SG from various sources like radio, magazines, newspapers as well as bloggers and social influencers in Singapore.Advanced bookings are also accepted online for your convenience via our website for your upcoming activity. For corporate upcoming team building activity in Singapore, you may fill up an enquiry form via our ‘contact us’ page. Feel free to contact the LOST SG team if you have any queries via ‘contact us’, our friendly team would be glad to assist you. Information on our operation hours are on our ‘contact us’ page.