Role of Escape Rooms in Teambuilding

Role of Escape Rooms in Teambuilding

The best escape room games are some of the most mentally taxing games that you can play. Often regarded as a fantastic solution for encouraging teamwork between employees. Typically, the game session lasts for 60 minutes, during which employees work intimately and collaboratively with each other. More companies should enlist the help of escape room games to encourage creative and innovative thinking, increase productivity and improve communication between employees.

Here are the different ways in which escape room games assist employees in team building:

Encourages employee to participate
It is necessary for every player to actively contribute to the game to overcome challenges and complete different tasks. This way, every employee will participate in the game. Overcoming challenges together can be fertile grounds for developing respect and tolerance for fellow employees.

Helps in Improving Communication
Communication is an essential facet of any business and it is very important to have good communication between employees to make your business successful. For better communication, it is necessary to encourage and cultivate both sharing and listening. Employees will often face difficult tasks which require them to work together. Employers should always aim to improve communication between employees and escape rooms are a fun way to accomplish this.

Make strategies together
When a group of people are working together to complete a difficult task, they learn to use each other’s strengths to complete the task. Some challenges take more time than others. To complete the allocated tasks, employees must work and strategise together to maximise their individual abilities. This will reduce the time needed to complete each task. Escape room games simulate this process in situations divorced from work, which will encourage similar behaviour at work, optimising the collective capabilities of your employees.

To Lead or Follow
Another common trait found in most groups is that there is no leader, or there are too many. Some will be more enthusiastic to be leaders in the game. If no one is ready to become a follower, it will become a difficult situation and the probability of the group splitting into further subgroups increases. Furthermore, if no one is there to lead, the group will not get anything accomplished. Escape room games provide environments that encourage people to become leaders and followers at the appropriate times, instilling a cohesive team spirit.

Be Creative
Running a business is a challenging task. For it to be successful, it is necessary to think differently than your competitors. Escape rooms encourage more dynamic thinking habits. Your team is provided with hints and clues that are not easy to solve and use. This kind of tasks and challenges need a mixture of creativity and logic to complete in the given time. Creative ideas and thinking can be utilised and flourish during the game.

Escape room games are one of the best ways of conducting fun, effective and result oriented team building activities. Employees learn to work in a team setting. It also helps increase innovation, productivity and building healthy relationships among the employees.