Here’s Why An Escape Room Game is Perfect for Your Employees

Teambuilding can facilitate a strong team spirit as it helps the people to see each other differently and enable them to connect in a different setting. It helps in performance evaluation and creating a more fun ambience within the workforce. It will bring employees together to accomplish common goals. Employees should know that despite the different improvements that everyone needs to individually make, the main growth in a company is within the team as a whole.

Through continuous exciting and motivational teambuilding sessions, employees will get to hone their communication, planning, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. Teambuilding also helps in fostering genuine connections, processing, and deeper understanding amongst their peers. For this reason, we introduce escape game rooms as a great method to build a team spirit among your workforce. An escape room game involves having a group of people ‘trapped’ in a room. What the players have to do is to escape the room by solving puzzles and tasks together. Here are the reasons why you should take your employees for an escape room game as part of your team building activities.

Socializing and networking are some of the incredible ways of improving the efficiency in an office. Through teambuilding with an escape room game, employees can get to know each other better in a fun setting outside of work. Their morale will be enhanced and they will learn how to work together to solve day-to-day workplace-related issues with their other colleagues together.

Positive Competition
Teambuilding among the employees will help to encourage some healthy competition among them. The games will help to improve productivity as teams have to find out how to complete their tasks in an efficient way. The employees would then transfer what they have learnt in these activities into the workplace and increase their productivity through positive competition with their colleagues.

Boosting Teamwork and Performance
Teambuilding activities help in improving workplace teamwork as employees understand each other better. They understand each other’s weaknesses, strengths and interests after completing the activities. The best escape room games will help employees foster teamwork while solving the puzzles. For them to complete the games within the stipulated time, they must work together. Therefore, teambuilding will enable them to work together better and increase the productivity of the company.

Motivates the team
Cheering, fun, and celebration that comes with every team building session can motivate employees and increase their morale. For instance, when a team successfully manages to escape a game room, they have fun and celebrate. This motivates them to work harder and strive for better results be it in their next team bonding or at the workplace. In this case, employees would strive to get better results for the company.

Working Together and Communicating
The top reason why team members choose to go for teambuilding is to foster communication and efficiency. Every employee desires to have a favourable working environment where people are happy, able to work comfortably and talk freely with everyone. Through team building activities like escape room games, people get to work together by talking to everyone and getting to know their strengths and weaknesses. From there, they understand each other better and may discover that they have common interests with each other. This would thus increase communication be it in work-related issues or personal issues.

Enhancing Innovation and Creativity
A successful teambuilding event does not only unite people, but they also facilitate creativity and innovation as they would be able to think out-of-the-box. Activities like escape room games will force people to think creatively as they need to escape using limited resources. The result from this session is that people would be able to think creatively, flexibly and innovatively when faced with a challenge.

Team building is very crucial if a manager or boss wants to get the best out of his employees. The workforce is encouraged to work not just harder but also smarter to achieve the desired results. Although each individual effort contributes significantly to the organization, the effort from the entire workforce is the real game-changer. If you have not taken your colleagues out yet, now is the time to treat them to an excellent team building session such as an escape room game in Singapore and let them have fun while learning something.