Amazing Ways of Strengthening Your Team’s Spirit

Amazing Ways Of Strengthening Your Team’s Spirit

Is your team taking a slow approach to simple exercises? Are you seeing more rolled eyes and hearing more sighs than usual? Is there a decrease in happiness and energy among your team members? Well, your team may be experiencing low morale. Low morale leads to bad moods and is a warning sign of job dissatisfaction. Low morale can lead to miserable clients, organization laying off employees and pressure from the management among others.

In the corporate world, no man is an island. Active cooperation among various members of an organization for the ultimate product to merge is mandatory even in the highly individualized jobs like publishing and graphic design. A company’s success depends on great teamwork. Therefore, no matter the cause of low morale, a manager must take a proactive response towards it. Even though the manager may not be able to change what’s going on in the whole organization, you can create a rewarding and productive environment for your team. Get started with these amazingly true and tried ways of strengthening your team’s spirits right here in Singapore.

Lead by Example
Your outlook can set your entire team’s attitude. It is important to come to work with the right attitude each day and reduce complains emanating from team members. Your employees often look up to you to approach whatever is going on in the organization.

Keep Communication Lines Open
Open communication strengthens your team’s spirit. Initiate a free and open communication among management and the team members. Acquire suggestions and ideas from team members to achieve team goals.

Maintain High Morale
Keeping your team’s morale high helps in strengthening their spirit. Team members function well when the managers recognize their contributions to the team.

Involve Employees in the Planning Process
Letting everyone on the same page is important in an organization. Making employees participate in the strategic planning process and making sure they understand the details is critical in strengthening the team’s spirits. You should ensure that every team member buys into the plan.

Establish Individual Expectations
Hold the team accountable for the results by setting up a clear personal target. Ensure everyone understands that each of their roles is critical in delivering the expected results. You can achieve this by rewarding the team members based on the team’s ability to meet targets. Reward the members based on their contributions to team efforts.

Recruit Employees Who Fit in the Companies’ Team Culture
Start at the beginning by hiring people who fit in the culture of the team. With the multi-ethnical culture in Singapore, you have to make sure you can bond people together easily to reduce conflict. You can determine a person’s traits and personalities by the use of pre-employment assessment and interviews. Determine whether an individual can work well in a team environment by looking at cooperation and willingness to listen.

Don’t Disrupt Schedules
Team members may sometimes suffer low spirits at work when they cannot meet their personal, family or social obligations. As a manager, apart from setting up your team for professional success, you should also help them achieve goals in their social, family, and personal lives.

Recreational Activities
As a manager, it is important to plan for activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle to strengthen team spirit within the company. Engage them in cognitive activities such as games that can stimulate their thinking. For instance, many organizations go for team bonding sessions by playing escape games in Singapore. Your employees will have a great way of bonding, interaction and can unleash their talents as they solve puzzles. Rewarding them with a fun experience will definitely bring you more positive responses.

As a manager, your teams’ morale should be your top priority. Therefore, you need to make consistent and strategic efforts. Actively responding to feedback, recognition of employees’ accomplishments and regular communication are the ticket to good morale and will go a long way as compared to one-off pizza parties.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process of strengthening your team’s spirits. Moreover, it will help you create a challenging and fulfilling environment not only for your staff but also for yourself.