Crack The Code Using These Commonly Used Patterns

Crack The Code Using These Commonly Used Patterns

Enthusiasts for escape room in Singapore across the country find it incredibly thrilling to solve puzzles and hunt for clues in teams to escape the locked rooms. All the activities have to be completed on time and the players have to get out of the locked rooms within the allotted time to win the games. Now cracking the code is both fun and exciting but the most amazing thing is to identify the patterns. Once you’re able to identify the patterns or understand the logic behind each puzzle, it becomes easier for you to win even the best escape room games. You can improve your time and performance by participating in the same escape room multiple times, which actually most of the players find interesting.

Singapore’s Escape room games are usually based on themes, which ranges from solving ancient Egyptian puzzles to preventing Zombie apocalypse. It’s the theme that decides the mission, so you have to first understand the underlying theme before you can actually get down to solving the puzzles. Here are some tips to crack the code using these commonly used patterns:

It’s better to play with your family and friends

Getting locked up in a room with complete strangers can be freaking scary for many of us. Thus, it’s better to stick with our family and friends because you already have existing bonds and equations amongst yourselves. The chances of cracking the code quickly are much higher when you’ve your friends and family as your teammates.

Communicate with your teammates

Escape room will always put you in exciting and nerve-wracking situations. If you panic and stop listening to your teammates then you’ll never be able to complete the puzzles, forget winning the game. Thus, it’s important to not lose the perspective and keep communicating with your teammates.

Stick to the rules

If you want to crack the code quickly then it’s advisable to stick to the rules and regulations. Don’t waste your time trying to find holes in the rules; instead, think differently and solve the puzzles without breaking the rules.

Split up

You don’t want to see the entire team trying to solve one puzzle; that’s the worst strategy ever. It’s better to split up so that every team member gets to solve one puzzle, which will help you cover more ground in lesser time.

Don’t argue

Teams often lose the opportunity to solve even the easiest puzzle game in the escape room by arguing with one another. Stop bickering and get going – that’s the mantra to cover more ground quickly.

Keep it tidy

Remember to clean up and organize each of the items you use because that’s the only way you can clear the space as well as your mind. Focusing on a single clue can be challenging if you have a clutter in front of you.

Keep an eye on the watch

Escape room games have to be completed within a stipulated time, therefore it’s better to bring a watch and keep an eye on it.

Follow the above tips and tricks to win the best escape room game in Singapore with little effort and brains!