Avoid These Mistakes When Playing Escape Room Games

Avoid These Mistakes When Playing Escape Room Games

Escape room games are among the most thrilling games in the world. Can you imagine being locked in a room with your friends or family and have to solve several puzzles to find your way out? The adrenaline rush is ecstatic.

However, there are sets of rules and tips to follow for you to succeed. Whether you are playing the game in Malaysia or at the best escape room in Singapore, failing to follow the instructions diminishes your chances of finishing the game on time.

Nevertheless, you can still make grave mistakes during the game and cost you and your team the strategy of finding the escape route. Errors can lead you to a trap or a trick that will keep you stagnant on one puzzle for a long time.

The good thing is that many of these errors can be avoided. Game experts from all over the world have come up with the following mistakes, which you should avoid for a successful escape room experience.

Derailing your Team

You are part of the team and your contribution is invaluable. The success of escape rooms is highly dependent on teamwork. When the game begins, all members have to work together to find the clues to solve the puzzle.

If your team allocates you a particular corner of the room and you fail to do your job, you will have failed the entire team. Still, there are other ways you can derail your squad

  • Playing the game while drunk. The best rooms in the world, like Singapore game rooms, have storylines that are so intense that you cannot manage the game when drunk. Besides, you need to be extremely vigilant from the start to the end.

Make sure you avoid any form of drinking before the game. In case you are tipsy inform fellow team players before the game begins.

  • Silence. Teams are advised to allocate members to different areas of the room to find clues quickly. Players are also encouraged to shout out aloud whatever they see so that the entire team can deliberate about it.

Therefore, even if you are an introvert or are not used to work in groups, do not keep information to yourself. If you do, members might be stuck when trying to solve the puzzles.

In addition, if members learn that you are hiding information, they will be mad at you, and this puts your relationship at risk.

  • Laziness. The best escape rooms are not easy to crack. You will have to work to prevail. You will climb, crawl, bend and walk around. Thus, you are expected to be quick on your feet. If you are lazy, you will spoil the fun and fail your team.

Failing to Pay Attention to the Details.

They say ‘the devil is in the details.’ This is especially true in escape games. For instance, in a Singapore escape room, most clues are in places you do not expect. Most players fail to find the right hints because they are in a hurry to finish.

Sometimes when you are completely stuck, some game masters might give you a few hints. Remember they are watching your moves and they are there to support you. Pay attention to what they say.

Overcrowding over One Task.

Some groups fail to complete a room game because they all crowd over one task instead of allocating different people to various tasks. You need to trust each other and divide the work accordingly.

Send members to different corners and then gather to discuss the tips each has discovered.