Frequently Asked Questions

Our escape games have been meticulously planned for maximum enjoyment, and thus we strongly urge participants not to use any tools which are not designed for the games. These will spoil your real Escape Room Singapore experience as they do not flow with the games’ plot.

Please do not exert brute force on our objects. Our games have been designed in a way they do not require much strength. If you run into an obstacle, we encourage you to think out of the box, because no ideas are too crazy at LOST SG!

Everyone loves a good game and nothing destroys the experience like spoilers. We urge participants to keep game details private and confidential to maintain an equal escape game experience among players.

LOST SG reserves the right to conduct security checks and the rights to terminate the game at any point in time if participants are found not abiding to our rules and regulations. There will be no refunds on payment made.


Are there any preparations required prior to the game?

Bring yourself and your friends over. There are no specific dress code so come dressed comfortably! To maintain optimum game experience, personal belongings such as mobile phones are not permitted into our rooms. There will be free lockers provided to stow your belongings.

Why are mobile phones and cameras not allowed into the games?

For your own safety, participants are required to leave all personal belongings in the free lockers provided. This will also maintain an equal game experience across all game participants.

How long is the duration of the game?

In each game session, players will experience first-person gaming experience with 60 minutes of pure-playing time, excluding game introduction. To maximise the gaming experience, we strongly recommend participants to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier prior to the start of the game.

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can be made online booking (via our website). You may also choose to walk-in (we recommend calling us before heading down as games are subject to room availability) for a game session.

What are the payment options available?

We accept NETS and Cash only.

We have less than 7 players but we wish to have an exclusive room to ourselves, can we do that?

Absolutely, groups with less than 7 players can still proceed to pay for 7 pax and have the rooms to themselves.

Note: For Mausoleum, groups will be entitled to exclusive room with a booking of 5 players.

What are the requirements to play the games?

To successfully escape the rooms, basic skills like teamwork, cooperation, and observational skill are needed.

What are the differences between Off Peak and Peak hours?

As peak hours are generally more popular with participants, there will be more people seeking to play the games. For bookings with less than 7 pax (for all games except Mausoleum), there may be regrouping for increased game engagement and fun.

Exclusive room is entitled for Mausoleum game with 5 players and above.

How do I change my booking?

You may wish to contact us by phone for faster correspondence.

Can I take on the same room again?

Absolutely, we welcome participants to do so.

Can I organize a private event at LOST SG?

We welcome private-events such as private gatherings, team building activities etc. You may wish to contact us by phone or contact us via our form.


Should you need to reach us, feel free to drop us a message here. Our friendly team will be in touch with you as soon as we can.