Booking Information

Booking Information

Off Peak


Booking your game at LOST SG

  1. Head to our booking page
  2. Pick the number of players
  3. Choose your date
  4. Find the game/slot and click on Book.
    1. Due to circuit breaker measures, games are limited to 8 pax with no regroupings.
  5. Continue to the booking summary
  6. Enter your details to confirm your booking.


  • Bookings with 7 pax or more are entitled to¬†exclusive room usage. Usual rate apply to all players. E.g. You can opt to pay 7 players‚Äô slots to book the entire room with 5 pax.
  • If you have made a booking for 7 slots, the¬†minimum amount payable is 7 pax. E.g. If you have made a booking for 7 pax or more and 4 pax turns up, the minimum charge of 7 pax (per room) is applicable.
  • If your booking comprise of 2 or more games, you will be¬†required to pay¬†for all the rooms prior to admission for your first game.
  • Max capacity for all games are at 12 pax each. There¬†will be regrouping¬†if booking is made for games with¬†less than¬†12 available slots.
  • Please¬†arrive 15 minutes¬†prior to start of game for registration. Games¬†may be shortened¬†if players are late.
  • In an event where players are¬†15 minutes late¬†and cannot be reached via phone, the game will be¬†cancelled. E.g. The game is scheduled at 4:30PM but players have not arrived and remain unreachable at 4:45PM.
  • For your own safety, mobile phones and personal belongings are not allowed into the games.
  • Any change in booking must be made¬†3 days in advance¬†prior to the date of game.
  • Individuals with pacemakers and/or insulin pumps are not permitted to enter the games.
  • Children aged 12 and below will require adult accompaniment. Usual rates apply.
  • Wheelchair admission is unavailable.
  • LOST SG reserves the right to conduct security check prior to game admission.
  • Please enter a valid email, a¬†confirmation email¬†will be sent to your email address. Kindly contact us if you did not receive a confirmation email.
  • For more information on the above, feel free to reach us at 67171688.