Your First Time Here at LOST SG? Here are some tips!

team-building-singaporeDo you remember the first time you rode a bicycle? How about the first time you swam? Ah… The feeling of doing something new for the first time, the caterpillars/butterflies in your stomach.

Fear not! We are here to help you get prepared if it’s your first time attempting an escape room over here at LOST SG. We can’t let you in on details of the rooms, that would spoil the fun. But… we definitely can give you a couple of tips that can probably give you a higher chance of surviving a LOST SG escape. By reading this, you may also look sharper and smarter in front of your group! 😀 If you happen to be reading this while commuting, it will make your journey a couple minutes shorter!

Let’s get down to the tips!


    • Dress comfortably, you will want to move around with ease and explore more parts of the room to tackle the challenges ahead of you! Short skirts & heels for ladies are not advisable. A quick visit to relieve mother nature’s call and some hydration would be recommended. The games are after all, 75 minutes long!



    • A dynamic team – Get people from diverse backgrounds. The room is not about puzzles in disciplines of math, science, history or languages; we are not running a school here. Oh yes, having giant biceps doesn’t help too. It’s about the brain work here and observation. A keen eye for detail helps tremendously, but don’t forget to communicate your findings to your teammates!



    • Continuing from the previous tip, communicate well with your friends to solve the tasks on hand and remember to share all information/items that comes to you. Cooperation is key to conquer the room!



    • Anything is possible, don’t be afraid to test and try it (but no brute force of course, this drastically spoils the fun)! Participate with an open mind, be observant and think out of the box. Share and listen to possible ideas from your teammates. Always be courageous to move forward!



  • Divine intervention is possible, trust us. We have witnessed it in our rooms several times. Sometimes, miraculous things just happen. 😉

Alright! That concludes our tips for your first escape room at LOST SG. Blessings to everyone who have read this and we hope that you with these additional tips, you and your team will get featured on our new Wall of Fame!