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Why Thrilling Escape Rooms Is The Cure To A Hectic Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why escape rooms are gaining more and more fans in Singapore every day? The answer is simple; escape rooms are exhilarating and a perfect way to unwind and relax. One of the most significant benefits of participating in an escape room Singapore adventure is its unique role-playing nature where you can be anyone in any given situation. You have to play the odds and try to find the best way to free yourself and your friend or a family member from a challenging trap.

Below, we will share how you can escape the mundane daily routine and find yourself in an entirely new adventure each time!

How Does An Escape Room Work?

Your typical evening in an escape room will usually begin when you are grouped with your friends, family members or other participants. Contestants in each group can range from two to 15 members. The “game master” will narrate the game plan and storyline to all participants.

Then an alarm will sound marking the initiation of the game, depending on the task and the storyline the challenge is to find a way to escape from the ordeal before the allotted time is up. The challenges and puzzles in the escape room can be an effective way to relax and challenge yourself at the same time.

Role-Playing Games and Puzzles

Escape room challenges involve role-playing to double the fun! Where else can you get to be Indiana Jones in the map room looking for secret treasures in a dangerous ancient tomb? Then you can be Lara Croft from Tomb Raider stuck in a volcanic tomb that’s about to erupt, but you are looking for clues, then you hear a voice asking “Do you need help or a clue?” This is when you are jerked away from your adventures; you realise you are in an escape room setup that you paid for.

Make Special Announcements

If you want to propose your long-term partner for a life together, make a pregnancy announcement or commemorate anything that’s special, escape room games and puzzles is the best way to do it! Many people have tried it, and the results are spectacular. Plan a unique escape room puzzle for your friend, spouse, parent, and partner and once they complete the puzzle reward them with the big news! There’s nothing better and memorable than to complete a challenge successfully and hear the best news of your life at the same time.

Develop Intellectual Abilities and Your Social Skills 

Escape room is the perfect way to tap into our social needs while providing essential intellectual development. Some escape room puzzles and games have a scary element to them to make the entire experience thrilling and exciting.

We perform best when put under difficult and stressful situations. That being said, escape rooms are the perfect getaway to recharge yourself if you can’t take time off for an extended vacation.