Why These 3D Puzzles are Popular Among Adults

Escape rooms are much more popular among adults, relative to younger age groups. We have scoured the internet to find out the reasons why escape rooms are such a big hit among adults.

If you have never heard of escape rooms, it’s where a group of people get locked in a room and all of them have to work together to find a way out of the room. The game masters will give them a set of clues, which they have to discover and solve on their own. Typically, players are given about an hour to escape the rooms.

The nature of these games are mysterious, strange, scary and other words synonymous to thrilling! These games are perfect for thrill-seekers or simply for those who love solving puzzles during their own free time.

It’s Indoors

As you age, you’ll probably prefer the indoors to the outdoors – and that’s perfectly fine! Younger people love to hang out in the sun especially when there are some physical activities involved. However, generically speaking: adults prefer the comforts of an air-conditioned room when hanging out with their friends with a couple of beverages. That’s exactly why escape room games manage to win the hearts of adults as they don’t have to worry about standing under the hot sun for hours!

Escape rooms are always indoors and air-conditioned. The main point of the game is for the team to find an escape route from the room. Hence, the name. So, adults never have to worry about breaking a sweat or getting too tanned from the sun.


There’s a reason why married couples are known for hosting weekly game nights with their other couple friends and it’s because they absolutely love the feeling of winning! Studies have shown that adults are actually more competitive than children and that children just want to have fun and unfortunately the same thing can’t be said about adults.

Because escape rooms are actually one of the most advanced mystery games, adults would jump on any chance to take on the ultimate mystery game of all time! As with most people, being on the winning team motivates adults to participate in these games.

Keeping Fit

There are many health benefits of participating in an escape room game, or any other game that taxes your brain. At this age, adults get weary of health risks such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. So, they take any chance to minimise the risk of getting any of these diseases by constantly using their brain as it is proven to drastically minimise the chances of any of these illnesses happening.

Sports may be too much for some people in this age group an so playing an escape room game is the perfect and most fun solution to keeping active! Keeping fit is not just about building muscles and triceps, it’s also about improving your cognitive abilities and responses which is important for the health of everyone.