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Why Families Should Try Exciting Escape Rooms

Family nights are awesome. But, sometimes, as fun as it is just to spend time with the family, we can’t help but look to try out something new and exciting to do together as a family. Going to an escape room in Singapore might exactly be the best thing that you and your family can do for your next family day out.

Escape Rooms? What Are They?

Escape rooms are rooms designed pretty much to keep you in through a series of puzzles and problems. Of course, unlike a prison, you can get out, but only if you and your team can work together to solve all of the problems.

Built to be as immersive as possible, these real-life riddle rooms are a great and fun activity to do with your friends and family as it forces everyone to try and work with each other to escape from the locked room.

Why Should My Family Try It?

It’s superbly fun and exciting for everyone. The riddles and puzzles are all designed to challenging and difficult, but they’re also fun enough in a way because they force you and your family to communicate with each other.

There are also plenty more other reasons to try out escape rooms as a family, such as:

  • The thrill of the hunt – Your main goal in escape rooms is to find the key to get outside. But, to do that, you have to figure out what all of the trails of evidence means, and you’ll have to search every nook and corner of the room to do that. The sheer thrill of doing something like this, all the while working against the time, makes this a fun activity in on itself.
  • The immersion – While escape rooms may vary from place to place, each one does come with a story to help with the immersion. Some are built to be like a prison room. Others, like a crime scene. Some even look like a hidden temple, as if it was taken straight out of your favourite video game. It’s kind of like being the main character in a video game trying to escape a life-ending predicament.
  • The excitement – When was the last time you felt the adrenaline rush of having to fight against the time that’s not related to work? Working against the clock in a more casual setting can be a great stress reliever.

You probably remember the last time you and your family had dinner. Or, the last time you went and watched the movies. But, they most likely won’t be as memorable as the first time you go to an escape room in Singapore and try your look like a family.

It’s kind of like going to the carnival for the first time. The only difference is that the carnival has locked you in and you have to do everything in your power to get out. As frustrating as the experience can be at times, you’ll find yourself laughing about all the mishaps that happened for years and years to come.

The next time you’re looking for a fun group activity to do with your family, don’t forget to look into escape rooms in your area.