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What You Can Do to Bond and Get Closer to Your Colleagues

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Whenever someone mentions blue-chip companies like Google, Microsoft, Cleveland Clinic, Genentech, Twitter and the others, anyone would automatically see them as top-ranking corporations. Undoubtedly, they make billions in revenue, have hundreds or perhaps thousands of employees and indeed rock the world. But there’s something many probably don’t know about them yet.

If you could ask many successful corporations what defines their culture, many will proudly mention something like “It’s because we work hard and play harder.” They embrace a blend of playfulness and formality as a way of ensuring their employees remain happy and productive.

If you didn’t know this already, it is a growing trend, and more and more companies are revolutionising the typical office environment to encourage healthy living, fitness, and creativity. Most importantly, team-bonding activities have been put in place to enhance the bonds within the workplace. A playful workplace increases motivation and productivity, draws in new talent and makes the employees feel proud of the company. If your organisation is looking for a way of introducing such a culture, here’s a list of some engaging, fun and thoroughly constructive games to bond with your colleagues.

Escape Room Game
Get away from the office environment and routines. If you are looking for an active activity, consider playing escape room games with your colleagues. Locked in a room, you will have to work out clues and ideas to break out. Everyone will have to contribute to the overall strategy, thus promoting teamwork. You can cheer together for every puzzle solved and encourage one another for every mistake or slip-up while working to beat the clock. This is a great way to engage every team member and have a topic out of your work to talk about. Take an hour off from your work to have some fun in escape games and you will see that your team’s overall rapport will be enhanced.

Communal Lunch
If games and pranks don’t suit the structure of your workplace, communal lunch within the office will do perfectly fine. Many companies often use such an occasion as a way of teambuilding, holding a meeting, assessing performance and maybe introducing new team members. An excellent idea of doing a communal lunch is throwing a surprise mini-party within the premises. You can also make use of special occasions like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Deepavali to have a small celebration in your workplace. Allow you and your colleagues to take a break and share the festive occasion!

Volunteering Activity
Why not kill two birds with one stone and volunteer your time to the needy while taking part in the experience with your colleagues as well? Coming together for a common cause other than work can create a special bond that can never be produced in a workplace. Not only is this great for your company’s corporate social responsibility efforts, it also allows your employees to work together towards a common aim and share an experience that will strengthen their relationship and have something to look back to.


Social engagement between colleagues helps to strengthen internal relationships which, in turn, lead to increased work productivity. Partake in some of these activities today and have fun with your colleagues!