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What The Game Industry Will Look Like In Five Years

Games have a fundamental role in our lives. They help us relax and unwind. You can engage in an outdoor game, go out skiing, or even ride a bike around the park. Playing games regularly will ease your mind, have a healthier body and think critically.

Participating in games that make you think is even better for your mental growth. It is a way of exercising the brain and keeping it engaged. Such games include crossword puzzles and escape rooms. Thinking of different solutions in a fun filled environment will give your brain much needed stimulus.

You will look at a problem from all angles to come up with a solution. With the advent of technology, the gaming industry has taken a different shift. There is always something new coming up. A decade ago, you could not get complex video games that we have today. So what can you expect five years from now? Here is a sneak peek into the future of gaming.

Cloud games

Remember going to a movie shop to purchase those annoying CDs? Today, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home when you want to enjoy a movie. You can log to sites such as Netflix and download your movie. That’s the path that future gaming will take. You can subscribe to a site and enjoy a variety of games. The present-day escape room is also expected to take the same shape. You will look for puzzles and hidden gems online and finally escape once you have all the answers or after you put all the pieces together.

Excellent display

How do you like it when you watch a high definition movie? Great, right? It increases the fun and thrill. The colours are so alive and you can see every feature of all characters. This has happened due to the increased investment in the hardware that makes it possible for you to enjoy such vibrancy and crispness. The same will happen in the gaming industry. The advent of 4k in the development of gaming displays already points to the direction the gaming industry will take. You will enjoy high definition displays and the game will look alive and real.

Improved controls

You probably put up with a controller that does not seem to help you much. Navigating through traffic and busy streets when playing that candy crush can be quite difficult if the controller does not help you avoid obstacles. Or probably the speed is too much for your controller. If these types of games intrigue you, then your gaming future looks bright. You will use your gestures to navigate through the maze and numerous streets that come with controlled gaming. Using your gestures, you will direct the game to whichever direction you please.

Use of voice

Your hands may be too tired to pick the controller or busy on something else. The future gaming will make use of voice recognition. You will be required to give voice directions as you play. The console will not require you to turn it on and off. Your voice will do the work for you. Tech comes up with solutions. If you are too lazy to pick up your console, the future gaming is working smart to bring you the type of games you fancy.

Facial gaming

Fraud has made different companies step up their security measures. You can only access a company if your face is recognized, especially for employees. The same way biometric works when logging into a system so is facial recognition. The same technology will be applied in the gaming industry. Developers will invent the facial recognition feature that will scan and create game characters with the use of 3D technology. The feature will even capture your emotions and those of other players.

It is quite clear that developers in the gaming industry are working around the clock to improve the industry. Even for the lovers of escape rooms in Singapore, the developers will give you an experience beyond your imagination. You will escape virtually without the need for a physical meeting; wouldn’t this save your time? Brace yourself for the best gaming experience in the next five years. As you wait for such developments to take shape, enjoy the best escape room at your disposal and keep your brain active.