What Happens When We’re On An Adrenaline Rush

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All of us have a particular hormone in our bodies that is released during certain experiences, especially when we do or see something that surprises or shocks us. That hormone is known by the name of adrenaline, which is secreted when our body is exposed to stress and excitement. This special hormone is capable of suppressing some of our bodily functions, while at the same time, causing other functions to heighten. So, what happens when we are thrilled? How does our body react? This article will list down what happens when we are thrilled.

Suppressed functions
When adrenaline is flowing through our body, the digestive system, sensitivity to pain and blood flow in our bodies are suppressed. The blood vessels in the body become constricted so that most of the blood flows to the lungs and the heart, which are the most important organs of a human body. Our digestive system becomes slower to save energy and our body’s ability to feel pain is decreased for a short period of time. These changes in our bodies are defensive mechanisms and are important as they will allow our bodies to work for a longer period of time during an adrenaline surge.

Heightened functions
While some organs in our bodies are suppressed, the others are heightened. So, what happens when the body is in the heightened state? The blood pressure rises, the more sugar is released into the bloodstream, this results in an increased respiration rate. This rise in respiration helps the muscles to get more oxygen, which is crucial to operating at a heightened level. All these changes can be seen in the body when the individual is experiencing thrill or excitement.
Adrenaline is released when thrilled, but, what will happen to our bodies when the thrill or excitement subsides? In short, what are the after effects?

After the adrenaline is released, our bodies need some time to get back to the normal state. Did you know adrenaline is released when our flight and fight response is triggered? So, the symptoms you notice when thrilled are similar to the one you notice when you are depressed, stressed, and/or excited. When stimulated, your hands and legs might be trembling; relax, it is a perfectly normal phenomenon. This happens because our bodies were flooded with an increase in the blood sugar level. Once your adrenaline rush subsides, so will these symptoms.

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