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What Every Beginner Should Know About Escape Room Games

escape room singapore

In 2012, the International Labour Organisation warned of a rise in mental health illnesses due to work-related stress. They were short of describing the situation a “global epidemic.” Singaporeans were not left out of these statistics. Workers’ mental health issues affect more than 70 percent of Singaporean companies with one in every four workers experiencing high-stress levels.

Escape rooms in singapore can provide the adventure, fun and “out of the box” experience to counter such stress. You will need to collaborate with others, use available clues and hints to solve riddles and puzzles and complete an objective in a fun and engaging way.

If this sounds enticing but strange to you, then escape room games should be at the top of your to-do list. But you shouldn’t just walk blindly into an escape room game. It could end up frustrating and discouraging. Below is what every beginner should know about escape room games.

Escape Room Games Are Not A Stroll In the Park
If you expect to get easy clues or solve simple puzzles – think again.
Escape room puzzles are often cryptic, and the clues are so well hidden, you would need more than just your average thinking cap to solve them. They are meant to be challenging and usually require logic and cooperation. But they are still thrilling and will stretch your mind.

Communication Is the Foundation
Whenever you go out for an escape room game experience, make sure you are ready to collaborate with others on your team. Communication is vital for a positive and fruitful escape room game experience.

Compare Reviews and Ask Questions
So, you have decided that you are ready to go for an escape room game. Before you do, remember that you want the best experience regarding the game and service levels.
It is prudent for you to compare reviews. Although you will see five-star reviews for almost all escape rooms, take a closer look at other matters like customer service and the rules. Also, read the FAQ part of the escape room game website, and if you feel dissatisfied or short on information, call them up and ask more questions.
Try to decipher from previous gamers’ experiences and the responses if an escape room game would match for your personality and desire for adventure. You don’t want to walk into as escape room with a game master with rigid rules and lousy customer service.

Don’t Show Up After Having a Drink
Escape rooms games provide you with logical puzzles mimicking real-life scenarios. Showing up when you are under the influence of alcohol will hinder your ability to think logically and dull your experience.

Be Ready To Have Fun
The above points are essential for an excellent escape room game experience. But it wouldn’t reduce stress levels or improve your mental health if you didn’t have fun.
Having fun is the last, but most crucial aspect every beginner should know about escape room games. Don’t be worried that you are not smart enough to complete the objective. The bottom line is you are there to have fun, and that’s the ultimate objective.