Ways to Encourage Real-life Interaction Between your Workers

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It is important for your employees to know each other as people and not just professionals. The truth is your employees are so much more apart from their job titles. They have interests and passions that could have drawn them to their current jobs and helped them excel in those roles. Interaction outside the office goes a long way in building a good rapport between your staff members. Moreover, this may also be good for the company in terms of increased employee productivity due to more cooperation and higher morale.

For the majority of companies, staff members depend on each other to provide support, know-how and other resources to satisfy the needs of business clients, execute the mission of the company, or generate a profit.

Fortunately, there are several ways to help employees build healthy personal relationships on top of their professional ones. These strategies will help workers forge a strong working bond. Read on for more insight.

Scavenger hunt
Organise your workers into small groups with each group consisting of at least three participants. Create a list of crazy tasks for each group to do as a team. Some of the tasks may include taking a photo of a building or an item around the workplace and taking selfies with at least two strangers among other tasks. The to-do list is given to each team, together with the time limit by which they should complete all these tasks. The team that finishes the highest number of tasks the fastest wins. The objective of this bonding exercise is to encourage workers from different departments to work together.

Barter puzzle
Have everyone assimilated into small groups with an equal number of participants. Each group is given a unique jigsaw puzzle matching in difficulty level. The objective is to observe which group can finish their jigsaw puzzle the quickest. Conversely, some pieces will be given to other groups. Therefore, the onus is on each group to find a way to acquire those pieces back through various means such as negotiating, exchanging group members, trading and so on. Every decision must be arrived at as a group decision. This exercise will depend largely on problem-solving plus leadership skills.

Escape room challenge
Another strategy to improve interactions between your employees is to take them to an escape room game. This is a fun game which involves being locked in a room and trying to break out of the room within a specific time period. The clues, puzzles, and riddles are scripted to be challenging but very much possible to solve or unravel when all members of a group work together as one. To escape the room within the set time frame, teams must:

  • Communicate – Team members need to share their individual ideas and thoughts. A lot is going on inside the room, so it’s important that you pass your point across to the other members.
  • Lead- teams that don’t complete the escape challenges often don’t have confident leaders to propose concepts, paths to pursue or inspire the team towards a goal. It will require more than a single leader to organise everything into perspective because several tasks ought to be completed at once.
  • Think creatively- team members are encouraged to think outside the box to crack the escape room puzzles.