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Unique Team Building Ideas to Foster Camaraderie

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Work can be boring, especially if your workmates are just people you go to work with. But that doesn’t have to be always the case. There are plenty of effective, fun team building activities you and your team can engage in to become more acquainted with each other and be more than just people who share an office space.

Building strong lines of communication, teamwork skills and chemistry are all likely results of trying out these unique team building ideas.

Lunch Out

Next time your employees are out on a lunch break, ask them to eat together. Or better yet, eat with them yourself! As the employer, it is also your job to get to know your team better. Having lunch with them, either individually or as a group, is one of the best ways to do so. While you’re on your way to the spot (try a new spot each week if you can), make up a game to make sure that everyone gets even closer.

Office Teams or Clubs

Being part of something outside of work will give your employees a chance to relate to each other better and open up new lines of conversation. Better yet, pitting one club against another fosters camaraderie and competition and will go a long way in improving the work culture. It doesn’t even have to be a sports team. Even a book club can give your employees even more of a reason to bond together through their shared interests and experiences.

Recognition Tools

Using recognition is a fun, albeit quirky way to show that someone in your workplace has done something meaningful for the office. The best way to do it is to fill a box with various items and treats for team members who show exemplary work or have done something that deserves commendation. This will help kick start positivity within the office and make the work culture more desirable.

Below are a few examples of items that you can use to complement overachieving employees, but don’t be afraid to try things out yourself!

  • Ringing a bell whenever something positive happens.
  • Giving a rubber ball or a memento to someone who showed grace under pressure.
  • A hat for someone who should pick where the entire team should eat that day.

The list goes on and on. What’s important is you try and experiment with things that breed positivity within the workplace.

If these don’t work out for you, then maybe you can take the entire team to an escape room game, or any kind of social activity for that matter. Escape rooms, in particular, are a low-cost way to help break up the monotony in the office and offer workmates to get to know each other more.