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Unconventional Activities You Can Enjoy With Friends

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A brotherhood, fraternity, tribe or inner circle, whatever title you call your closest friends, their influence on who you are is undoubtedly significant. Friends know our weaknesses, strengths, fears and what motivates us. They could be people you recently met, or people who go way back and sharing experiences is what cements the bond.

Think about the weirdest activity you enjoyed with your friends.

Escape rooms in Singapore are an excellent way to bolster friendships and learn to work together. Alternatively, you can use concepts from escape room games to make regular activities more interesting.
Below are unconventional activities you can do with friends and how you can add to the fun with ideas from escape room games.

Search for an Object
Friday evenings in Singapore is a social peak. It’s the time friends meet up and head out for their favourite activity. Whatever your choice of activity, you can add to the fun by hiding an object that the group needs.

Hiding objects is the most popular brain teaser used in escape room games. If you are carpooling or using a shared room, you can add the twist by hiding the car keys and allow the group to figure out its location.
You can hide keys in a book, or a transparent glass object in a water container. Conceal the object in a conspicuous place and divert their attention. As you have fun, you also get to learn more about how each of your closest friends thinks.

Enhance Your Communication
The most exciting escape room games are those that force people to work together. They are not only challenging, but they help friends exercise communication skills and enhance problem-solving skills.
For instance, you can have a cooking contest where friends pair up, and one cooks while the other, who can see the recipe and the outcome, gives instructions from a separate room.

Using a Simple Item in an Unusual Way
There are several objects we use in our daily lives that we can apply in multiple functions. Think about it. How often have you improvised using a knife as a screwdriver or used your credit card to pick on the latch of a jammed door?

You can use the same escape room game concepts to add to the fun when you hang out with your friends.
You can write messages on paper that can only be understood if read by reflecting it on a mirror or use your home décor as part of clues to solve a problem. It’s an excellent and unconventional way to enjoy time with friends.

When did you last come across a riddle that you had to solve? Riddles are a favourite in escape room games. They provide a fun and unconventional way to challenge the mind.
Use riddles to stir the minds of your friends. If you want to go for a weekend getaway, make your friends figure out the venue by giving them a riddle to solve. And for the swift ones, add a bonus like a free ride.

To conclude, incorporating these ideas from escape room games in unconventional activities, makes hanging out with friends more enjoyable.