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Why You Should Try Playing Escape Room Games with Strangers

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Although you might be reluctant to play escape games with total strangers, there are some things you stand to gain, such as a chance to build certain important skills.

Humans crave social ties. We just cannot live a great life without our friendships and relationships. But let’s face it, some people find it really hard to meet new people and build a connection with them. It can be intimidating if you do not have the skills for it. One requirement for meeting new people is a conducive, friendly environment. So imagine this: you are in an escape room in Singapore and you get a chance to play the game with a team of total strangers. Should you take it up? Here are some reasons why you should totally play escape games with strangers.

A chance to meet people with a shared interest

Who doesn’t want to have great friends? Almost everyone does, but they are hard to come by. One requirement for a great friendship is that you have to have things in common. You need to have shared interests and if these are non-existent, your friendship will be stale. If you can play the same escape game with a stranger and enjoy it both, then there is a chance that you already have at least one thing in common. The fact that you are interacting for the first time in a fun environment makes it easy to cement your friendship.

It is not just mere friendship that is possible here. Who knows, you might meet a business partner or someone in your trade of work. Or, if you are lucky, you might meet your life partner.

Learn to understand and accommodate different people

We each have our own unique personalities: the music we love, the movies we watch, the food we like, and so on. It is sometimes tempting to wish everyone was like us but that is just not possible. It is therefore important that you develop an understanding for people with different personalities and backgrounds, people with completely different viewpoints from yours. One place you can meet such divergent people is at an escape room. Playing with strangers will force you to deal with people you have never met before that are totally different from you. This is a useful skill you need in life.

Help you deal with awkward situations

One thing you can always count on when interacting with strangers is that there will be some awkward moments. These cannot be avoided and what matters is how you handle them. You can use the game as the training ground to see how you can wiggle your way out of such awkward moments in life.

Learn how to communicate with strangers

How do you start a conversation with someone you’ve never met before? We all know that people do not only communicate with words but they use body language, too. How do you decode their body language all on the fly? While locked up in an escape room, you will have no choice but to pay attention to all the nuances of your team’s communication, a skill you need in life. The one thing you should bear in mind when playing with strangers is to try to know a little about them before you get into the room. This breaks the ice and makes it easy for you to work together inside.