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Top Five Most Rewarding Games

Escape Room Singapore
Everyone who plays games derives satisfaction from it. Some games are expensive while others demand your time and concentration. For a game to be worth it’s salt, it should satisfy the player either with the rewards or the gratification associated with playing.

Are you searching for the most rewarding game ever? If so, it means that you have been playing for a long time and you need to satisfy your urges by playing the most captivating game and getting the best rewards. Games usually offer rewards either with in-game currency or trophies. Online games generally reward players with medals which you can use to unlock other levels or to buy some arsenals to use in the game. This makes it possible to continue playing the game on other harder levels. However, the greatest reward you can get from a game is the satisfaction after playing.

Below are the five most satisfying games ever.

Viva Pinata

Would you like to feel surges of adrenaline in your system while playing an engrossing game? Then, you should play the Viva Pinata game. This is a very involving game where you have to break open the piñatas and see them being eaten by wild piñatas. If you have an urge to destroy things—which everyone certainly has, then this is a game for you. You will be rewarded with the satisfaction that comes from letting loose.

Call of duty

There’s truly no better way to relieve stress than with a fast-paced first person shooter game. If you like your games a little more on the violent side, Call of duty delivers the realistic and cinematic intensity of a battlefield in WWII. Play as a well-trained soldier in a squad deployed to the frontlines of the war and make a difference—or die trying. Do ready yourself for some blood and gore as this game is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Dead Rising

Assume you are busy buying things in a mall. All of a sudden, hundreds of zombies emerge from nowhere and surround you. You have to beat them off. You can use anything, especially the katanas and potted plants. They are not hard to kill, but they are fearsome creatures.  Every time you eliminate one, you are making the world a better place to live and what’s more, you will be rewarded for your troubles.

Escape Game

Everyone flirts with the idea of getting lost. There is nothing as rewarding as finding a way out where there is none. In this game, you have to rack your brain and search for clues to escape from a complex room in time without being noticed. Escape rooms in Singapore are getting popular because nowadays, everyone likes the thrill of escaping from one situation to another. It, therefore, will reward you with a realization that you can find your way out from any unpredictable situation after all.

Mortal Kombat

Do you love fighting in games? Then you will find Mortal Kombat really satisfying. This game involves fighting your opponents with any available weaponry. You can rip their hands off or even slice them up. This game is ideal for you if you want to release some anger or if you are stressed out. Instead of picking on real people, fight enemies in the game. You will thus feel satisfied and use up your energy positively.


There are thousands of games in the world. It is hard to know which game to play if you are confronted with the dilemma of having to choose one. In order to play the most satisfying game, you should consider how it captivates your interest. Although some games give you monetary rewards, the greatest reward you can get from a game is the satisfaction from playing. This is because you do not play a game primarily to get money but rather to feel enjoyment.