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Top Escape Room Tips That Will Help You Win the Game

Room Escape Games Singapore

The trend of escape room games is here to stay. Escaping from a room is a lot of fun but it can also be frustrating and intense if you do not know what to do. If you are looking for ways to conquer the mission in your next escape room adventure, then these escape room tips are for you!

Team Up to Play with Friends or Co-workers
If you are not comfortable playing with strangers, you can start off playing with co-workers and friends. In an escape room where the difficulty level is hard, it playing with a group of friends or colleagues that you are comfortable with will make the process more enjoyable, especially if it is your first time trying out the game.

Play Together but Don’t Form A Cluster
Intriguing escape rooms usually have a puzzle with many parts that are distributed across the room. Therefore, instead of grouping together and working on the same puzzle, it is better to be spread out in smaller groups of two or three to find different parts so that you can group them together. Also, if one of your teammates has found something, do not rush to take a look at it immediately. Avoid bunching together so that you can save time.

Participate Equally
When you are solving an escape room game, it is important to be involved completely than just standing and staring at the puzzle like a spectator. You can divide the team, brainstorm and spread out to start working.

Be Vocal About What You See
If you are a beginner at escape room games or if you are playing in large groups, it is important to verbalize what you see. For example, if you see 6 different coloured squares with numbers on them, then you can shout out about what you see. If another teammate has seen something that fits with that then they can come to you and help you put the puzzle together. Trust us, this is the fastest way to complete your puzzle and escape from the room! If you fail to do so, you might be looking at an automated lock while your partner could have seen the number key to it somewhere else.

Search the Room Completely
When you are looking for clues, consider every nook and corner to see what you can find as clues can be hidden around the room where you might not expect them to be. Sometimes, objects can be present in places like inside a vase, on top of a bookshelf, behind the door, under a cabinet and so on.

Know What to Ignore
While playing an escape room game, it is important to know that clues can be hidden anywhere. However, there are a few things that might not be worth fiddling with and wasting your time on. For instance, you should stay away from things like power outlets and dropping ceilings since they can turn out to be hazardous.

Stay Calm
Whenever you are playing an escape room game, you will usually be timed to 60 minutes. If you are running out on time, you might panic and mess up the clues. Instead, stay calm and do whatever you can before time runs out.

Keep Things Organized Neatly
If you have something to write on, jot down all the clues you have found all over the room. In the end, you can match all the clues, solve puzzles and unlock all locks. Keep everything neatly so that there is no confusion when you wish to put things together. Make piles to keep related books, squares and other loose objects such as keys together. This will help you in escaping faster!

Don’t Fear Failure
Overall, just enjoy yourself while you play an escape room game. Although escaping and achieving victory feels good, failing to escape the room can sometimes make a great story on its own. These games are fun and exhilarating so just let loose and have a good time with your friends.