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Top 5 Types of Escape Room Games You Need To Play

Escape Room Games

Escape room games allow you to polish your skills as a team player and also help you indulge in an hour of carefree, productive games in which you have to solve puzzles and get out of the room by solving certain clues.

There are different kinds of escape room games. The top 5 escape rooms games that you surely need to play, are:

Linear escape room games
In a linear escape room, you need to solve the puzzles in a particular progression, and not just randomly or all at the same time. You need to solve one before you move on to the next one. These are the simplest kinds of escape rooms and are best for first-time players so they can get a hang of how escape room games actually work. If you want to enter a competition, these are the best to start up your practice with, since they are a simple and easy form of the game.

Non-linear Escape Room Games
A little more complex in nature, non-linear escape rooms allow you to solve several different puzzles simultaneously, which usually happen to be right at the end of the escape room. These puzzles are complex and time-consuming and are always better to solve if you divide your team into several different sub-groups. This way, you can save time and solve the puzzles more efficiently. Non-linear escape rooms allow larger groups to play since they are complex and need a collective effort.

Linear and Non-Linear Escape Rooms
These are a mix of the above-mentioned types. A combination of big puzzles in a row with branches of smaller puzzles along with them; some of them need to be solved simultaneously, some are to be solved in a certain order.

Scavenger hunt
A scavenger hunt can be a combination of both linear and non-linear rooms, equal in complexity; however, it has a different nature of challenges. Scavenger hunt involves looking for objects and clues, rather than solving puzzle games. A large group of people can play this game due to its complexity.

Red Herring
Red Herring refers to different kinds of hindrances that are placed in between solving the puzzles and linking the clues. There are a lot of things in the room which has no meaning and are just to confuse the players. Again, these types of escape rooms have a combination of linear and non-linear escape room settings, which is very complex and allows only a group of players to play. Individuals are not allowed to play alone.

Hence the above 5 types of escape rooms can help you explore and learn about escape rooms, how they actually work and what are the possibilities you can explore.