Tips On How To Solve Puzzles Within An Escape Room

Escape Room Singapore

Escape room games involve being locked in a room with one or more people. While there, you are to search for the key and escape within an hour using the clues that are in the room. If you are a lover of fun and adventure, going to an escape room in Singapore is certainly an exciting team building activity you may want to consider. It is crucial to note that it requires being at your best in a number of ways. Basically, you need to gather all your problem solving, logic, critical thinking skills as well as communication skills for optimal performance.

You really do not need to get all confused while in an escape room; this article will outline a few proven tricks that should help you solve the puzzles as they come.

Gather a team

It’s very important that you are working with a team of people whom you have the right level of synergy with. The simple reason for this is that the best escape room memories and experiences tend to be made with your pals.

Go for hints only when you need to

A majority of the escape rooms give room for you to ask for hints. More often than not, all you need is three hints—also, you do not really require a room escape walkthrough. Try as much as possible not to ask for a hint unless you feel truly stuck.

Clues in the room are created deliberately and it is expected of you to decipher what they mean. As far as the game is concerned, the clues are not some unimportant and random stuff, everything leads to something.

Be calm, creative and logical

This is a very vital tip to note if you want to have the most fulfilling escape room experience. The moment you notice the timer approaching the end, you do not need to panic, there is still some time left. When it becomes time to escape the room, hints that were hitherto unconnected may become more important—hence the need to remain calm and collected. It should also be noted that the puzzles are fashioned in such a way as to challenge your mental faculty. Hence, you may need to put on your thinking caps!

Each one of the room escape solutions is designed logically, hence, you do not need to search for ridiculous ways to solve the puzzles. It is also imperative that you figure out the narrative behind the room, hence, you may have to piece whatever you have found together for you to get more clues to help out.

Look everywhere

As simple as this sounds, it is not uncommon to find clues in places somehow overlooked. As far as an escape room is concerned, searching everywhere implies searching “everywhere”. By everywhere we mean in book covers and books, teapots, underneath carpets, rugs, candle holders, and lamps. In summary, every inch of the escape room is an important part of the puzzle—hence the need to search.

Some practice won’t hurt

The big question that may come to mind is “how does one practice the act of escaping a room?” the answer is pretty simple; get yourself locked up in a room and switch on your internet! There are quite a number of games online, although they do not give you the same feeling of being there live, they should help you get the needed experience before the real deal—going to an escape game.

You cannot really be guaranteed an easy run when going for an escape room experience. Most times, it will certainly be challenging. However, it is important to note that with a little patience and perseverance, you may well be on the road to becoming a master.