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Tips To Become A Pro At Escape Room Games

Room Escape Games Singapore

Escape room games are exhilarating challenges that involve a group of people being locked inside a room, with the key to their escape hidden in that room. For those who have been a part of these challenges will, no doubt, admit that these tasks are truly difficult. However, with the right preparation and set of skills, anyone can become an expert. In order to help you become a pro, here are some tips to solve escape rooms.

Initially, games such as escape room games were designed to promote teamwork among colleagues or friends. The idea here is to work together and find different clues or puzzle pieces without any competition between the team members. However, make sure not everyone searches for or ponders over the same clue. This is essential because huddling over the same problem may only waste time without making any progress. Teams that fail such games are often the ones that bunch together, instead of working together.

Do your research
If you are new to escape room games in Singapore, a good idea would be to familiarize yourself with what to expect. This prevents any panic when you are not able to find any clues or do not know what sort of clues to look for. In some games, these clues may be in the form of riddles, looking for keys, solving a puzzle point towards the key or a combination of all these. Therefore, it is better to know what to expect.

“Clueing for looks”
Once you enter the room, it is highly advised that all group members take a few minutes to observe the room. Then, devise a divide and conquer strategy, where all group members should take a section of the room, and search it from top to bottom. This approach allows for the group members to look at the bigger picture and identify the possible locations for clues. A thorough search can present better results with a smaller chance to miss clues. As an added precaution, group members should swap sections to double check.

Be verbal
All the clues you may find are interrelated somehow, no matter how random they may seem. Once your group finds a significant number of clues, is it a good idea to brainstorm and discuss what they could possibly mean, and how they may be interrelated. This may help in identifying any missing clues and help solve the puzzle faster. More often than not, teams that don’t communicate are the teams that don’t win.

Eyes on the clock
Since these games are often a race against time, it is highly recommended that one person is assigned the responsibility of reporting the time at small intervals. This helps the team keep focused on the goal, and make the most efficient use of time by reiterating the time left. In case some part of the puzzle is not being solved, it is better to move on to the next clue so as to save time.

Keep these tips in mind, and make sure you follow them closely the next time you play an escape room with an intention to win!