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Three Emotions that Come with Escape Room Games

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Fear is a natural emotion for us humans. It is basically what has kept us alive for over a millennium. It’s also pretty much the first emotion people feel when they enter an escape room game. Although participants know that they have to get creative to find unconventional ways to solve the problems presented to them, it is much easier said than done.

However, fear isn’t the only emotion that comes along with the best escape room games.

More often than not, participants are extremely excited. Who wouldn’t be? Escape room games offer an all-new experience, and the fact that they’re so popular these days gives you even more of a reason to try them out. Yes, it’s probably going to be scary and frustrating, but who cares? In the end, you’re going into an escape room and are going to have fun escaping it, regardless of how scary it will be.

Are escape rooms scary? Some are. Some, not quite. It’s still pretty scary knowing that you can’t get out and waste your money if you don’t solve the problem in time, especially if the rooms are intentionally made to box you in and trigger feelings of claustrophobia. Some even have staff acting as zombies that try to catch you, while others prefer to use sound and lighting to set the atmosphere. But no matter how scary the initial experience may be, nothing beats the satisfaction of finally solving the puzzle and moving on to the next room.

Mind you, the puzzles aren’t always hard. In fact, some iterations could probably be solved even by young children yet to start school. They’re not exactly crosswords or Sudoku. Generally, they’re designed to be a mix of all sorts of learning styles, from Visual to Auditory, Reading and even Kinesthetic. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling smart; as long as you’re willing to learn and have an open mind, you’ll be feeling the satisfaction of having solved the puzzles in no time.

Whether it is fear of being restrained, being touched, being locked in a room, or even fear of failure, an escape room game is often designed to take advantage of all those. Don’t take it too seriously as that’s just how they are. Instead, take whatever fear it is you’re feeling and use it as motivation to find a way to solve the given problem as soon as possible.

Experience It For Yourself Today
Have you ever been inside an escape room? If not, what are you waiting for? Although you probably have many ideas on an escape room is right now, nothing really beats the whole thing. It can be quite a scary experience but it can also be very memorable. Not to mention that it can make a great bonding activity for friends, families, and even couples.

Don’t let fear stop you from trying out escape room games.