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Things To Do With Your Family on the Weekends

It’s not easy to find family time to bond these days. Not only have we become so busy with our own personal lives, most are also more likely to go out with their friends instead of their family. This can make for a very frustrating situation, but definitely not something unsalvageable.

The fact is, you can take control of this and make sure that your family always spends quality time with each other. How so? Well, you can start by doing one of these activities!

Karaoke Night

Who says a family bonding activity has to be expensive? Simply head out to your nearest family-friendly karaoke place, order some snacks and hopefully discover each other’s talents with the microphone.

Home Video Night

Everybody knows about home movie night, but what about popping in a tape of your kid’s younger days? A slideshow using pictures of them growing up is a nice added touch as well. You and your wife’s wedding tapes also make for a nice watch. Just try to spice things up every now and to not bore your kids to death.

Family Meal Night

Even if it’s only once a week, ask your family to all be present for a single meal, preferably dinner. As they say, the family that eats together stays together.

Better yet, why not try to get your family more involved by actually asking them to contribute? It makes for a nice bonding activity, and your kids will surely never forget about that time they helped mum make the macaroni or when they helped dad make the soup. In time, you can start encouraging your kids to cook their own dishes or come up with their own, just to make it even more memorable.

Escape Room Game Night

This is a rather unique family activity, but it’s slowly growing in popularity and for good reason. Nothing bonds a family (or a group of friends) more than working together to solve one puzzle after another to try and escape a room. Though the concept of an escape room game sounds gimmicky, but at the very least kids and teenagers would love the idea of trying out something new.

If nothing else, the satisfaction of having solved a puzzle (or a couple) is a great way to relieve some stress and feel good about yourself.


It doesn’t matter if it’s just in your backyard or out in near the beach. Just grab a tent and have your family sit around the campfire or tent as you tell each other a story. It doesn’t even have to be a scary story, as most are accustomed to. It can be something personal, or how their week went by. The intimate setting helps ease the tension, especially between families who’ve been quarrelling all week for whatever reason. The most important benefit of camping is that it teaches your children that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to have fun as a family.

Time with family is never time wasted. It’s always nice to build some fond memories. Not only does bonding help make the house more cheerful, but it helps break down the layers of communication that so often make it hard for families to talk to each other.