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The Intriguing World of Escape Room Games

Best Escape Room

Singapore is rightly known as one of the top holiday destinations in the world as it offers a plethora of activities to choose from. From shopping, partying to sightseeing, Singapore will keep you entertained with its array of activities. If you wish to do something that is stimulating, fun and adventurous, then you can try playing some of the best escape room games in Singapore. This involves trapping yourself in a room and finding your way out like those escape room flash games on the internet. At first, you may find this concept weird, but when you start playing it, you will experience an adrenaline rush from the intriguing plots, brain-racking puzzles and mysterious clues. Dive deeper to this article to know more about this interesting game concept and the adrenaline rush it provides!

What is an Escape Room Game?
As the name suggests, an escape room game involves a room where you will be locked, and you need to escape from it. This is usually done in groups where you have to solve puzzles and goals in order to escape. Each escape room game in Singapore has a distinct theme ranging from cosy, mysterious libraries to treasure hunts. You need to team up and work together with strangers or friends and work under a time limit in order to escape. You are not allowed to use your phones to search for answers; you only have your intelligence and grit to solve the game.

Evolution of Escape Games in Singapore
This game was first conceptualised in Japan where it spread throughout Western European and Asian countries like Singapore. A recent survey has revealed that Singapore ranks amongst the top 10 cities that have the highest number of escape games and the number of people playing these escape room games in Singapore has been increasing. The main customers of these games are corporates and businesses who book them for employee teambuilding exercises.

How Do Escape Room Games Work?
Most of these escape room games in Singapore are enclosed rooms without any windows. They do not feel claustrophobic and are cosily built for the comfort of their players. Before playing the game, players will be briefed of the instructions and the backstory. They would then be locked up and the time limit starts. They have one hour to use the clues and solve the puzzles. The group scatters around the room and look for props such flashlights, paintings, sticky notes, trench coats, compasses, lamps and playing cards. There would be clues in the form of words, numbers and pictures stuck all over the walls where players must then put these clues together to reach the key of the door which will allow them to “escape.”

How Difficult is it Playing an Escape Room Game in Singapore?
According to a recent survey, most escape room games in Singapore have different levels of difficulty, and on an average, people are successful in escaping at least 68% of the time.  Even when players were not able to escape, they said that they had a lot of fun as they were fully involved in this interactive game.

Overall, escape room games are the most sought after in Singapore as both tourists and locals frequently play these games to feel the rush of adventure. Whether you are visiting from overseas or a local, escape room games are a must-try in Singapore!