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Szes fleeing from the Pharaoh, and prison-breaking at LOST SG

escape room in singapore experienceInstead of heading for a movie or a noisy bar, Szes Zhang came down to LOST SG for a whole lot of (intense brainwork) fun and interaction with her friends! Prior to her escape room Singapore experience, she had already been a huge fan of online escape room games. They had helped her ease the daily boring train trips. All that shouting, contagious laughing and giggling throughout their games made us laughed along involuntarily.

We cannot help but agree with Szes that engagement between groups are very low when you go for activities such as going for the movies, hanging out in the bar etc. However, they do make great entertainment options too.

So what are your ideal get-together activities with your group of friends? If you have not tried LOST SG, you should!

On Sze’s visit to LOST SG, she had her go with both Alcatraz and Exodus – the two games we would recommend to first timers at LOST SG.