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Stress Busting with Escape Room Game


Escape Room, Escape Room Games

Escape Room games are getting more and more popular every day. This adventure game is designed for players to solve certain puzzles (using certain clues and hints) and escape from a room or building. However, solving the riddles or puzzles is a big challenge and successful completion of the task is possible only through sound strategy. Usually, players need to unveil ploys hidden in the rooms. This is a theme based game set at different locations decorated in themes, which often includes space stations, mansions, dungeons, hotels, and even prison cells and mediaeval castles.

The game itself
Though the fundamentals of the escape room game remain more or less similar, the form of the game may change along with the clues and hints. Some games offer straightforward escape rooms as well as routes, while others involve more complicated ways of escaping.

Depending upon the type of the game, anywhere between 6 to 12 players can participate. These players have to be extremely observant of their surroundings and manipulate every element to achieve the game’s objectives. These theme-based escape room games present the maximum challenge and offer incredible excitement to players. Effective and efficient teamwork is needed to meet the objectives.

Once the players reach the escape rooms, they utilise both their knowledge and senses to succeed. Player’s instincts, along with their brains, eyes, and body are required to complete the tasks and achieve the set goals. Escape room games are immensely useful for children as it acts as an ideal stress buster and offers a perfect environment to stimulate the brain.

What the game needs
In the theme-based escape room game, players need to escape or find a way out of a room within a stipulated time (often set to 60 minutes). Since it’s an interactive game, the participants can interact with each other. The most amazing aspect of this game is that players immerse themselves into the game as soon as they start because of the high level of focus needed and the entertaining storylines.

The game is fraught with new challenges at every step and the difficulty keeps rising as the game progresses. The challenges come up in every stage of the game and in every room, thereby bringing the best out of each player. All these challenges are the real stress relievers for participants.

The role-playing
Escape room games need every player to think out of the box and escape from the room within the stipulated time. In fact, games are so well designed that each and every team participating in the game have to give their best effort while solving riddles or puzzles.

Playing escape room games offers a great scope for players to think independently and do something different when escaping the room.