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Humans vs Exodus. Who tops?

Escape Room Singapore - Ft. TintedWhiteRosesThe very sweet Stephanie from TintedWhiteRoses (steffytwr.blogspot.sg) brought her 2 friends along with her to LOST SG. Taking on Exodus, it was their very first attempt with escape rooms in Singapore and they certainly did pretty well! Stephanie has included a couple of pretty shots so do check them out on her blog! Exodus is one of our entry-level games and is the game LOST crew would recommend to first-timers at LOST SG.

Have you tried Exodus yet? Why not let LOST SG take you on a tour to Egypt? Come for a thrilling adventure, solve clues, overcome obstacles on your very own journey inside LOST SG’s Exodus. No flight tickets required. You just need to make your way down to LOST SG.