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Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners To Ace An Escape Room Game

With proper guidance given, one can easily enjoy the escape room even when it is their first time.

There are plenty of things to look forward to when you play the game as it has been said to be fun-filled and exciting. Despite how thrilling it may sound, there are plenty of tactics, tips and advice that will come in handy especially for first-timers.

When one has proper guiding, they can enjoy the escape game room even when it is their first time. There are plenty of things to expect from the game as it is reviewed to be fun-filled and exciting. However, do keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to work together as a team to complete and solve the riddles and puzzles within the time given.

And to achieve that objective successfully, we have prepared a list of tips together below to help you through your exciting journey.

Choose your team members wisely

Before you can even start having fun on your first-ever escape room game, you will want to make sure that you are in the right team. Teamwork is very critical in this type of games as you will need to work together efficiently to crack the case.

Get a team that establishes communication as a core value. You may even consider with people with experiences in the game, and skills in riddle-solving and puzzle completion.

Pick your room or theme

The escape rooms in Singapore offer rooms of various themes. Each room is different in theme, difficulty and category. These determine how difficult you will find the escape game room to be.

As someone who is new to such a game, try to find as much information as you can on the best rooms for beginners. Starting too high will not give you the fun factor you are searching for and will instead make you feel demotivated to continue the game.

Assign everyone

What makes the escape room particularly exciting is the given time limit that any team has to match up to. Once the game starts, the clock starts ticking as well so it is crucial to have the best members to solve the puzzle that is right up their alley.

With all that sorted out, it will help in finding the solution much quicker. The moment you feel stuck on a puzzle, that’s when you know its time to move on to the next one, as this may consume all your time.

Ask for hints

There’s nothing wrong with asking for hints whenever you get stuck, in fact, you should use up all the chances that you get as obtaining hints is way better than doing nothing at all when you’re clueless of how to solve the puzzle.

Moreover, the staff are always delighted to try and direct you towards completing your challenge. Not only will it help you to save additional time, but you are also increasing your chances of escaping the room before your time is up.

Have a clear mind

Just like for any other occasion or event, you should get ample rest the night before going into an escape room game. It enables you to look deeply into clues, and pay more attention to details.

With a good night’s sleep, your mind will be at its topmost condition and ready to take up a challenge. While it is good to get sufficient rest, you should also shut out any other thoughts that may be stressing or distracting you.

Keep the equipment at their original places

Always remember to put back the equipment where you first found them as you don’t want to end up being more confused when all the items are placed everywhere.

By doing so, you may also be able to spot some clues that you never noticed before. And in that way, you are on your way to solving another puzzle.

Even for beginners, the escape room game is not exactly very complicated. It just involves a certain twist that makes the solution hidden. The game is set up in a way that makes the game seem tough, but in reality, its meant to be solved in a fun manner. Just make sure you don’t overthink or make things complicated and just have a splendid time cracking the case.