How to Spend Quality Time with People Away from Technology

Escape Room, Escape Room Games

Technology has indeed made our lives easier; however, in the pursuit of convenience, our real lives are being held hostage by sophisticated machines. The growing detachment from our family members, friends, and colleagues is slowly eating up our happy souls! The irony is that in spite of living under the same roof, we stay oblivious of the existence of our near and dear ones. An escape room game is a great alternative for online games and can help us reconnect with the people around us.

Smartphones and online gaming invading our normal lives
One of the most distracting things in today’s world is the Smartphone – we stay glued to the virtual world, away from our immediate surroundings, thanks to the state-of-the-art gaming applications and social media sites.

Online games are big distractions for people today. People unknowingly cut themselves off from their surroundings while getting involved with the online games. People grow a tendency of getting oblivious to things happening around them and are lost in a world of their own. Hence, it is high time that people get away from these gadgets or other forms of technology and turn to learn how to spend quality time with their family members and more importantly, the real world and with real people. It is not that the online games are harmful but they’re definitely addictive and people stay glued to this virtual world, neglecting the real world around them.

However, this is not the case with physical adventure games like an escape room game. Player’s involvement in these games is more intense as they’ve to solve set of puzzles and riddles to escape from the rooms. These games are a great way to spend quality time with real people away from technology!

Escape Room Game offering the perfect escape
The escape room games have been intelligently designed to offer a stress-free way of playing exciting theme-based games. The best thing about these games is that the players have to use their intellect to solve the puzzles to win the game.

Escape room games are popular across the US and Europe and are being offered in Singapore as well. In fact, there’re some really popular escape room games that appeal both to the locals as well as the tourists. Right from emotional bonding to team building, these games help in striking a healthy interaction with the players. Players get the unique opportunity of getting involved in group discussions to solve different types of riddles, which is a great way to beat the stress.

Every escape room game is based on a theme, which ranges from a murder mystery to local horror stories! You will love the way you have to find your way out of a locked room by solving puzzles that will test both your wit as well as your mental strength. Tourists visiting Singapore simply love to spend quality time with their friends and family with this activity. You too can enjoy a great time interacting with your friends and family away from technology here!