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Secrets To Nailing And Maximising The Escape Room Experience

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Escape rooms are extremely popular nowadays. Who would have thought gaming would evolve in this way, where instead of virtually playing inside a different realm of reality, we can play in reality (Was that confusing?). We’ve managed to turn things around and take a break from our technology invaded world.

Now, where do we start? Right! The manual, the video tutorials, and the cheat codes online. Oh no, wait. There’s nothing to see, to read, or memorize. However, we can provide some tips to get you started on your way to become the escape room master.

Take briefing seriously
The game doesn’t start when you enter the room. It starts with the briefing. During this time, all the rules and other important concepts will be discussed. It is best to not be late and miss this crucial step of the game. More than any guide you can read online (including this), the briefing is your first step in earning that Instagrammable win and the satisfaction of outwitting the game.

Follow the rules
It goes without saying that every games, no matter how exciting and thrilling it may be, will have rules and regulations. Again, these rules will be explained in the briefing. These rules are implemented not to take the fun away from the game, but instead keep everyone safe and comfortable; despite the pressure-filled atmosphere in the room.

Being removed or banned from the game does not only spoil your fun but also ruin the game for everyone else. Did I mention there are no refunds too?

Keep the atmosphere light.
For some, playing in escape rooms are a source of fun and excitement. However, this is not everyone’s goal. You have to understand that there are some people who play for the challenge and the accomplishment of beating the game and other teams. These are the ones who are highly competitive, those whose game face is always on!

If you’re part of the former group, it is easy to be annoyed by the latter’s competitive nature. If this happens, do not engage in an emotional confrontation. If possible, go outside, take a break and breath of fresh air.

Communicate and Cooperate
One proven strategy of gameplay in escape rooms, or any group related task for that matter, is effective communication. For one, once you have accomplished something you’ve been assigned, let your groupmates know right away.

Be a leader but not a diva or a know-it-all
There’s a big difference between guiding the members to win and bossing everyone around. It takes a good follower to be a leader so make sure you walk the talk. Set a good example and listen to what everyone has to say. Accepting suggestions and standing corrected when mistaken will let you earn the respect of everyone in the room.

Do not over complicate things.
In solving mysteries and puzzles, the most common word of advice is to think out of the box. This tip has been said so many times it has already lost its meaning. With that said, often times the answer lies in front of you. Do not overthink things out. Just play and have fun.