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Reasons Why Escape Rooms are Beneficial For Your Health

Escape rooms are practically 3D puzzles that have been gaining popularity amongst the youth and adults alike. How the game works is that every team would have to figure a way out of a locked room with a set of clues. Many thrill-seekers enjoy participating as they have to complete the game or in this case, escape the room, within a specific time which is usually an hour.

However, did you also know that escape rooms can also bring various health benefits? It’s not all fun and games. Escape rooms ensure that players are mentally exhausted by the end of it. It trains your brain to think, to pay close attention to detail and many more skills. Let’s look at what thrill-seekers can gain from escape rooms!

Every Mystery Solved Is A Treat For Your Brain

Your brain works in mysterious ways. Heck – on average, we use up only 10% of our brain! So, here’s how it goes – every single time you solve a puzzle, your dopamine level spikes. If you’re unsure what dopamine is – it’s simply a hormone that brings great benefits, such as an improved memory, a  more positive mood, and the ability to have a sharper focus and be a sharp learner, among other things.

Who would not want to feel those things and gain those benefits while you have fun figuring your way out of the escape rooms?

Communication, Communication and Communication

Imagine being locked in a room with your friends, or worse, people you barely know at work. This is exactly how it’s like in the real world. At one point or another, you’ll find yourself in a project or a conference meeting with people you are not close to at all. At least, there is something to talk about, which is playing the game itself. You know what they say – friends are formed when they share a common enemy.

Nobody likes a freeloader too – so don’t just be a “Yes!” man and let your other teammates do all the work. It’s the only rare moments where you can channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and get your team out of that dreaded room.

Attention To Detail

Don’t you realise that the devil is always in the details? It’s human nature to forego obvious and explicit ‘signs’ when people are solving puzzles, as most people would think it is a trap instead of a clue. So, whenever you’re playing a game, it’s as if your mind goes into hunting mode and isolates random clues or objects that don’t fit the picture. Take a good look because nothing is there by chance. So, put your thinking cap on and start paying attention to things that previously would not have mattered to you, such as the numbers on the clock or the stool with 5 legs instead of 4.