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What Occasions Are Ideal For Escape Games

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As the escape room game frenzy continues to gain popularity globally, more and more people are trying to incorporate this game into their daily lives. From schools creating their own versions of this game to workplaces using it to cultivate creativity and unity amongst its staff, there’s a long list of occasions ideal for playing it.

Escape room games are a perfect choice for people of all ages as it is mostly based on the participants’ creativity and ability to work together while piecing together clues for survival. Many venues across the globe can host an escape room game as all of them are set up suitably to offer the thrill of excitement and adrenaline when playing it.

Here are several events ideal for escape room games.

Festivities Period
It is during the festive season when everyone is at home that many families and friends gather for merrymaking. While something like a house party or playing soccer is conventional, a family can choose to use the opportunity to take up an escape room game challenge. It is an hour-long game that is neither sporty nor horrifying and can be played by anyone, including 15-year-olds.

To play it during the festive season, however, it is essential that you identify an excellent location that offers the best escape room game facilities.

House Parties
Gone are those days when house parties were dull and boring with everyone seemingly either drunk or using their phones. Today, playing a game is the ultimate house party plan, and Escape games are the choice for many. The room is transformed into a game house almost similar to the challenging and puzzle-filled escape game rooms.

This means instead of enjoying copious amounts of cake and booze, escape games played at a house party offers a unique thrill.

Corporate Team-Bonding Events
The Go Game, Wink Murder, Mystery murder game, and Escape Games are among the most popular choices of team-bonding games among corporate bodies. It is absolutely fantastic seeing those who are always busy in their respective offices frantically gathering clues and solving puzzles while confined in a room.

However, thrilling as it may be, escape room games enforce good virtues that align with corporate ethics such as good communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking among others.

Family reunions
It’s never easy having every member of the family free and available for a weekend. People have hectic schedules. However, during those few times when the whole family is available, escape games can provide something entertaining for the whole family. Even the younger kids won’t feel left out when everyone is trying to escape out of a locked room. While working together to solve puzzles and riddles to break out, escape games provide an opportunity for the whole family to bond in a fun and interactive way.

Other suitable occasions to play this game is at a private bachelor or bachelorette parties, during a break in a professional seminar and the workplace when employees a break from their office routines. It is a 60-minute game of wit and intuition, and it can get the mind fired up.