No idea on how to spend your weekend?


Catching a movie, cafe-hopping, singing karaoke… aren’t you bored of spending your weekend the same mundane routine over and over again? Why not do something interesting with your loved ones this weekend?

We are glad to have blogger Ying Jie and her bunch of friends spending their afternoon with us couple weeks back for some escape room fun in sunny Singapore! They challenged themselves to Isometrick, that amazing room filled with pretty neon coloured towers! The most asked question regarding this room is that do players need to solve rubik’s cubes inside? The answer is… nope! There isn’t any solving of rubik’s cubes involved at all! 🙂


After spending a good 75 minutes solving a wide variety of high-tech puzzles in the room, they headed over to Hideout, a cozy place to chill out and laugh together with your friends! It is located conveniently right beside LOST SG, just a few steps away!

no-idea-how-to-spend-your-weekend-3 no-idea-how-to-spend-your-weekend-4It will definitely be worth your time to check out her blog entry if you and your friends have no idea on how to spend the upcoming weekend! So don’t waste your precious weekend anymore and we hope to see you here soon! 😉


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