Nicole Choo’s first attempt with escape room!


“You will be blown out of your mind when you try it for yourself & the props are all extremely well done”

We were glad to have Nicole Choo over at LOST SG and Hideout as a first-timer with her lovely friends last week. They went ahead taking on the challenge in Exodus, an entry level room where our energetic game masters would recommend to all first-timer escapees! Do check out Nicole’s thoughts on her first escape room experience filled with lovely shots in her entry if you had never tried any escape rooms before and did not have any idea what to expect from it!

P.S. Are you worried that you and your friends will be stuck at first few puzzles? Fret not, you can also find all the information you need in our “7 things you will need to know before you book your first escape room game” post. 😉