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New Trends in Escape Room Gaming You Need To Be Aware Of

Singapore Escape Game

Escape room games have gained much popularity since its inception, forcing creators to come up with new ideas to keep the games interesting and to draw customers in. Initially, escape room games revolved around logic puzzles. However, it has evolved to accommodate challenges both interactive and intricate.

The latest trends have changed the way gamers now look at escape room games in Singapore. External influences have and will continue to change how escape room games are played. Here are some trends emerging in escape room gaming:

Theatre and Performance
The interactive theatre has been making rounds for years now. Recently, Disney announced that its future theme park which will be a real-life Star Wars escape room experience. Although they aren’t the first ones to introduce this idea, the presence of Disney in the world of escape Rooms will force a reaction from its competitors. The idea is to allow visitors an experience into of the world of Star Wars; individuals will be assigned a character along with a storyline to play with. Other companies go with traditional approaches to escape rooms by introducing Houdini themed scenes. With this new trend, we are sure to witness more escape rooms with traditional theatrical performances.

Technological Integration
Incorporating technology in the escape rooms is quite common, however, it needs to be implemented carefully and after careful consideration. Escape rooms with technological integration must consider the theme of the game, budget and then include the right technology. Sometimes creators get so immersed into the technological aspect that they don’t consider the actual theme of the game. The technology involved can be as simple as cassette players or as complex as lasers. One great example of this is a room curated by Scour Expedition. Players need to listen to cassettes tapes hidden within the rooms to reveal the story of the room.

Augmented Reality
With the introduction of the new AR kit by Apple, we are sure to see this incorporated in more escape rooms. Some companies are already using this but they are very few in number. The Lost HK is an Escape Room game in Hong Kong where the traditional escape room is combined with AR. Players use AR to solve puzzles to escape from the room. Several companies are already working on it. VR games are quite popular nowadays. However, we believe that this trend will be overtaken by AR soon.

Making an escape room isn’t something that you need to worry about as anyone can come up with a game and its accompanying storylines. However, making it believable and enjoyable is what matters most. Do-it-yourself (DIY) escape rooms are becoming popular and the ideas keep flooding in. You can choose an idea online and then put your own twist on it.

As Escape Room games get more popular, owners will look for ways to stand out from their competitors. More ideas will be thrown into the mix, leading to Escape Room games getting more enjoyable with more technological integration and intense narratives.