Mistakes People Make When Playing an Escape Room Game

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Escape games can be fun but they still have rules that you have to follow if you are to succeed. By avoiding the following mistakes, you will have a better chance of escaping.

Whether you live in Paris – the city of lights, or Singapore – the Lion City, life can become boring sometimes. You have to wake up, go to work or school, sleep… repeat. Maybe you should try something new, something exciting. Maybe you should try escape games in Singapore. They can be a great way to challenge your mental skills while interacting with friends.

But, as with anything, some people lose at escape room games and others win. But what accounts for this difference? Is it luck or is it because some are just smarter? Well, maybe but not exactly. Anyone can successfully complete the challenges unless it really is an extremely tough escape game. The line is drawn by the common mistakes some teams make when playing. Here are some of the things you should always avoid if you want to successfully crack all the puzzles and escape the room.

Not paying attention to the game master’s instructions

The game master is your guiding angel. At the beginning of the game, he or she will give you a briefing. This information is vital for the completion of the challenges. The problem, however, is that some players do not see just how important this information is, thinking all they will need are the clues they will find inside the room. This is a mistake!

Your escape game will hinge on the information you receive in the pregame. It will give you the guidelines and create the framework on which your game will be played. Some people fail to pay attention to the instructions because they assume that the other team members are taking note of what the game master is saying, only to discover that no-one paid the necessary attention.

Spending too much time on one puzzle

While the goal is to crack all the puzzles and get out, you are doing this on borrowed time and every single second counts! Do not make the mistake of wasting too many minutes on a single challenge. If you find yourself stuck on one, you could always look elsewhere and try a new clue. Look under that table, behind that shelf, open that book… do all you can to keep moving.

Arguing with team mates

This is just a game but it is easy for people’s tempers to rise. Remember, everyone’s ego is at stake here. They do not want to be the guy that failed to solve the same puzzles that a bunch of kids breezed through. It is easy to differ and argue. But, in the end, you will discover that arguments are just a waste of time. Try to work together as closely as possible instead.

Wrong allocation strategy

If you are to succeed, you need to have a systematic approach. Some people say that each team member has to be given a separate puzzle to solve, and some say everyone should work on the same puzzle to solve it faster. It depends on the nature of the escape room, really. You are the one to decide what approach will work best. If the individual challenges are big, you will need to tackle them together. It is better to have all the eyes working to crack a complex challenge.

Paying too much attention to the ticking time

You are not just trying to solve puzzles. You are trying to solve puzzles within a limited length of time. The clock is always ticking and that might be a source of anxiety and panic. The mistake players make when playing escape games is to constant check the timer and this takes their concentration from the puzzles. Be mindful of the time but do not let the clock distract you.