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Major announcement: Game duration upsize!

How was your weekend? It has to be great because you guys are awesome people. And your weekend must have been especially great if you’ve played a game or two at our place!

So… what is this post about? You have read right, we are… going to upsize our game duration by 25% (15 minutes). This brings the pure playing time of all our 5 games to 75 MINUTES!

Wow!! 75 minutes??

Yes! We are the first and only Escape Room in Singapore with pure-playing duration of 1hr15mins.

You might be asking… what led to this? This is after getting feedback from many players, team building event organisers, and even our staffs! They sounded out that our games are just too intensive for a 60 minutes session. After receiving so many of these feedbacks, it boiled down to 2 things we could possibly do.

  1. Reduce the room size (which is technically impossible and/or
  2. Change the games so that they are less hurdles/obstacles inside the game (we’d be frank, this is not something we would like to do)

Instead of reducing the room size or changing the game flow/puzzles, we’ve decided that we will be giving you 1 Hour and 15 Minutes of pure playing time (this excludes briefing time, trips to the washroom etc).

Singapore Escape Room

While this may seem like a good news to new players and bad news to our old players, it is definitely not! Because with the increase of game duration, we have also adjusted our pricing (by just a little).

Our games are now S$3 more than the usual S$20.90 (off-peak) and S$26.90 (peak). The new rates and game duration will come into effect 1st Feb 2016. Unlimited hints still apply. A tip though, for the sake of fun, and for the chance to make it to our LOST LEGENDs* wall, you would need to finish the game without any hints or assistance!

Escape Game Singapore
*LOST Legends: the wall that commemorates teams who make it out of our rooms in time without any assistance.

Cheer on and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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