For your safety, our premises has been treated with SD Pro.
(Self-disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating)

We’re open, 5 pax max. per game. No regrouping for all games.



Having loads of FUN at LOST SG


Smiles, laughter, grins, chuckles – the common expressions when players are led out of the game rooms everyday at LOST SG. It’s a fun place to be in, the best escape room in Singapore where you can see so many people enjoying themselves. We are really delighted to see people enjoy our escape rooms so much.

smiley3 smiley1 smiley2

While looking through the photos that are taken and uploaded on our Facebook Page, you can feel the fun that they have just experienced. That itself is worth all the effort of setting up the best, from the video introduction to the finest details of the game rooms.

At LOST SG, players sometimes come a little reserved, mix with that anticipation of unknown excitement. When playing in the game rooms, that’s where the emotions run wild! While the random shoppers walk past LOST SG, they hear shouting, laughter and sometimes wondering what’s going on in this place with a puzzled look on their faces.


Ah, it’s another day where people come have their fun time together, spending quality time with their loved ones. Come photo taking, everyone is so excited expressing themselves with our photo props:

“Need more brain juice”
“Stunned like vegetable”
“No chill”
“Nailed it”
“Best team ever”
and not forgetting the bashing of your friends with “I’m with stupid”
*Arrows pointing towards your friends! 

We take pride and update our photo taking props so that it remains fresh and really blends well with what the players would have want to say after their games. Some of these phrases are contributed by the players as well!


Not forgetting our unsung background hero, the famous wall of LOST SG, the majestic cool red brick wall that have brought much joy to players, is also been frequently commented to be very realistic!

We’re also happy to know that till date there have been more than tens of thousands photos taken, creating unforgettable memories for friends, families and colleagues who have played and bonded together.

Bringing out the best amusing side of people and get friends & families enjoy their moments together while overcoming challenges with our realistic, high-tech gaming setting. We’re glad to be part of the entertainment journey.

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