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We’re open, 5 pax max. per game. No regrouping for all games.



Up against Aokigahara and Castiglione, can they make it out?

Lian Meiting at LOST escape roomHave your group or family meet-ups started to get repetitive with the usual choice of having brunch, dinner and drinks? Take it from Lian Meiting. Together with her group of 5 friends, they came down for a mind-stimulating activity and thoroughly enjoyed themselves at LOST SG. Her group had a total of 6 and we will explain why that makes a good number if you are a first time visitor.

It’s no secret that our games are unique – the duration is at 75 minutes (the longest duration for escape room in Singapore!). Because of the size and plot of our themed escape games, groups of 7 or more is what we generally recommend to first time visitors to LOST SG. At times, we also receive feedback from our players that our games are challenging (but not unsolvable). Having that extra company could provide the additional brain juice to escaping our rooms in 75 minutes unassisted.

The dynamic group of 6 tried both Aokigahara and Castiglione, lost as they were, they cleared obstacles. As to whether they made it out in time, check out her escape room experience on her blog with the link below.