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Key Strategies for any Escape Room Game

escape room singapore

Only the best minds in the country can beat the best escape room games in Singapore! Well, if you think you have a sharp brain or you’re good enough to beat Sherlock Holmes in this game, you must have some kind of strategy. If you don’t have a strategy in place then you need not worry because here are some strategies that can come in handy when you head to the next escape room in singapore.

Let’s up the ante this time with these key winning strategies:

Don’t ignore the game guide
Players often don’t pay attention to what the game guide says, which leads to blunders and eventually losing the game. Game guides don’t only spell out the dos and don’ts but they offer a clue or two. Rules read out by the game guide need to be adhered to because that’s the only way you can solve the puzzles quickly and without wasting time.

Carefully search all corners of the room
Check every square inch of the room and don’t hesitate to look into the corners. You must ensure that you checked every single corner of the room, which includes looking behind the photo frames, behind the shelves or books, drawers and safes, top of the door frames and everywhere else possible. Even the simplest looking clue can lead you to finding the winning combination.

Number of players in your team is crucial
Bringing in too many or too few players can make the difference between winning and losing. You can’t have too many players in your team as the room would have very little space left to carry out your search effectively. On the other hand, if you have too few players in your team then it can take too long to solve each puzzle and you’ll eventually fail to escape the room. The wisest choice is to bring in only the recommended number of players for the game.

Moving the locked boxes isn’t a good idea
Since escape room games are based on a theme, every small or big object placed in the room is interconnected. Thus, moving the locked boxes would simply make it even more confusing for you and the much-needed code or clue could elude you. It’s imperative that you understand the room’s theme as well as the puzzles in order to find the escape code.

Avoid using force
You’re no Hulk, so stop pretending like one when you’re locked inside the room. Instead, carefully study the room and the puzzles so that you can ultimately figure out the code to help you escape the room.

Know the places that are out of bounds
Do not touch the ceiling tiles or try putting your fingers inside a hole – it can be dangerous. Also don’t ever try to pull the wires or unplug anything because that would mean the end of the game.