Her FIRST escape room experience and she made it to our Wall of Fame!

Joycelyn-Thiang-at-LOST-SGOur LOST LEGENDS wall showcase groups who make it out within 60 minutes without any hints! Making it out of Exodus in just 47 minutes, Joycelyn and her friends are now featured on our hall of fame.
Update: Our games are now 75 minutes long (excludes game introduction & registration).
The mechanics of our Wall of Fame has undergone an update. More details here: Coming soon: Brand new wall of fame.

Lots of teamwork, observation and coordination, the group of 6 worked well hand-in-hand, conquering the challenges they had ahead of them.

If you have not visited LOST SG, why not challenge Exodus? Without hints of course! And be featured on our LOST LEGENDS wall. Have we mentioned it was Joycelyn’s first go with escape games? :O
Joycelyn says: “LOST is not kidding when they say that they are a high tech escape game. You have to be there to find out! : )”