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Introducing… The New Wall of Fame at Lost SG!!

Shortly after the implementation of our 75 minutes games, we’ve got numerous encouraging comments flooding in! Yes, we hear you and thank you for introducing new friends, families and colleagues to LOST SG. Your continuous support is what keeps us going 🙂

Now that we’ve got:

  • our new glossy industrial floors *blink blink*
  • our game time upgraded to 75 minutes
  • Lunar New Year cards giveaway (stocks are getting real low, you have to come get them if you haven’t).

So after all the above, it got us thinking, what should we do next for our avid fans?

We realized that there are many Grandmaster level players out there who have conquered many escape rooms in Singapore. In addition, we have witnessed countless remarkable feats happening within our game rooms as well. What we will do next is to recognize teams who managed to get out of our challenging game rooms using only 3 hints or less, within the 75 minutes given time.

In our previous entry, we promised a new Wall of Fame in the pipeline. Now here it is!

Drum roll please…

Platinum, gold, silver and bronze… What?? No, we’re not talking credit cards, and neither are we referring to Pokémon games.


Those are part of our new Wall of Fame rankings and it will be the first of its kind in Singapore. Now, you and your team will have an even bigger chance to be on that wall compared with our previous Wall of Fame! How you ask? Let us get to the mechanics of the wall.

For teams who have used no hints and managed to escape within 75min, they will be under the ‘Platinum’ league. Teams using 1 hint, will be under ‘Gold’. For teams using 2 hints and 3 hints, they will be under ‘Silver’ & ‘Bronze’ respectively. The time taken for the successful escape will also be recorded as well. Do take note that we only recognize teams who make their escape on the first attempt.

So, if you’re just a game or two away from your entitlement to Lost Elite T-Shirt and privileges, grab a few friends and plan for your next escape – and get on that wall!