How to Spend Public Holidays with Your Family

escape room singapore

Spending quality time with family on public holidays is a ritual for most working professionals who are just too busy on other days. Taking your family out for a fun-filled day can be quite challenging for many because your kids and other family members already have an idea as to what’s coming their way. Thinking out of the box is such a cliché but when it comes to entertaining your family on a public holiday, you’ve to think out of the box!

How about participating in escape rooms in Singapore? Does that ring a bell? Well, escape room games are the latest trend in Singapore. Your kids and partner will definitely enjoy every minute they spend in a locked room trying to find out their way by gathering clues and solving puzzles.

What’s an escape room Singapore game?
An escape room is a theme based game wherein a team of players is locked inside a room and they have to search for clues and solve puzzles to find the code to unlock the door and ultimately escape. The themes often range from haunted houses to Egyptian mummies. A player along with the other members of their team has to solve the complex puzzles after searching the room for definite clues.

Some of the common elements of the best escape room games in Singapore include the following:

Typically this game is played in groups of 4 to 12 players, although there are some games that can be played by even 2 players. Since these are usually team-based games so teamwork is the only way to discover the clues and solve the puzzles.

Only one objective
Players have only one objective and that is to find the key to escape the room. Now, finding the key is not easy as players will have to search for clues, solve the puzzle, and find a single key or a combination of keys to open the lock.

Even the best escape room games in singapore have a background story that’s narrated by the game guide. Players are often assigned characters who get trapped in the room and have to escape from it.

A series of puzzles have to be solved to escape the room which includes finding hidden objects, pattern matching, filling crosswords, cyphers, spatial reasoning, and also putting together different objects.

Time limit 
You have to solve all the puzzles, get the key, and escape the room within a stipulated time.
Super fun – There’s no better way than getting locked up in a room with your loved ones and playing some mystery game wherein you work as a team to solve puzzles and get the key to escape the room.

Public holidays could never have been spent in a better manner before the advent of escape room Singapore games because they’re a like a fresh breath of air!